Change color, menu style and widen the screen space of your apartment management portal today

‘Personalization’, new feature from ApnaComplex allows the community heads and apartment owners to customize the look and feel of their portal. Choose different colors for dashboard, choose a style for the drop down menu or increase your screen space.

Log-in to your complex portal, provided by ApnaComplex – your Apartment Management Software provider. An orange setting button on the right hand-side top corner allows you to customize and personalize your portal.

Personalization Button without options






On your click it will show you 3 options as shown below—

Personalization Button with options







Detailing the features

1.     Choose Skin

This option allows you to choose different colours for your portal. Just click the colour box and you will be allowed to choose one of the four colours for your dashboard. For example if I choose maroon colour then this is how my portal is going to look

Personalization color option














2. Submenu on Hover
This option will allow you to choose on how your sub-menu will appear, drop-down or hover(appearing sidewise) on a click. Choose to stay on the drop-down style without clicking the Submenu on Hover button. Check-out the ‘Forums’ sub-menu below

Personalization Submenu option















Click the Submenu on Hover button to change the sub-menu style from drop-down to hover. Check-out the Forums hover style.

Personalization Hover option in Apartment Management Portal














3. Compact Sidebar

Increase your screen space with compact sidebar button.

The classic way – your left side menu bar appears the wider way

Personalization no compact sidebaroption














Click Compact Sidebar button and you get a wider screen space. Check your left side menubar, it gets collapsed. With this option the Sub-menu on Hover also gets selected automatically helping you in maintaining the wider screen space.

Personalization compact slider option

So what are you waiting for?

Log-in now and personalize your portal.

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