In tier-1 and -2 cities, gated communities are preferred by many compared to stand-alone buildings. Several factors influence this decision including safety aspects, water distribution, a sense of community, etc.

With the onset of COVID, larger societies play a significant role in preventing the spread of the virus since they are bound to follow the COVID protocols properly.

Though renting/leasing a house in a gated community can be slightly costlier than a stand-alone building, it comes with its advantages. Below, ApnaComplex brings out what one should be aware of while moving to a larger apartment complex.

Seamless security system

Security is the biggest USP of gated communities. Residents can avoid unwanted visitors (eg: salesperson, donations, or strangers) thanks to the 24/7 security at the gate. The security can inform the residents via intercom or if they are using ApnaComplex software, they will get a notification regarding the visitor. If they do not want to entertain such a visit, they can simply reject the request. Similarly, the CCTV cameras around and inside the building are also very useful

Residents (owner/tenant) must also abide by certain security rules when it comes to gated communities. For instance, residents must maintain a safe speed while driving inside the building, and also they should park their vehicle only in the designated spot (under their house/block number). Residence must also adhere strictly to security rules.

Payment of Maintenance

Be it a smaller flat, stand-alone house, or a larger gated community, charging a maintenance fee is not uncommon. However, with larger apartment complexes, this fee tends to be on the higher end.

Larger apartments come with several amenities including security, cleaning staff, etc, and also, the assets of the building should be maintained. These expenses are taken care of using the maintenance amount paid by all the residents every month.

Effective waste management

In any gated complex, waste management is a huge deal. Every resident must mandatorily segregate their waste especially if it’s the law of the state. It is important to keep in mind that mixing up wet (organic) and dry (plastic) waste can lead to hefty fines by the state corporation.

Residents are also prohibited from spewing garbage in the common area or outside garbage area.

Likewise, chucking hazardous waste in the complex is also prohibited. The inhabitants of the gated community should ensure that the corridors and the common areas are clean and the garbages are disposed of as per the committee rules.

Rules and regulations for pets

Though most of the gated communities allow pets in the building, it is better to check with the owner or management committee before moving in or buying. If the apartment complex is pet-friendly, the tenants/owners must provide proper immunisation to the pets and produce the records.

Owners should not let their pets loose in the apartment complex and should adhere to the pet rules imposed by the state municipality.

Conduct rules

While living in a gated community, residents must conduct themselves in the best behaviour possible and they should not create any sort of nuisance, including playing loud music at odd hours. They should also maintain a cordial relationship with fellow residents for a happy co-living.

Residents should treat all common areas such as staircases, lobbies, swimming pools, basement, lifts, and auditorium as ‘NO SMOKING’ zones.  

Gated communities and larger apartment complexes can face water crises during the summer season and so, residents should spend water judiciously. In case of a crisis, residents must follow the rules laid down by the Management Committee.


Every gated community comes with a handful of amenities, however, the quality of these amenities depends on how luxurious or premium the gated community is. A standard gated community comes with security guards, CCTV, gym area, children’s play area, etc.

A more premium gated community might include a sports club, swimming pool, clubhouse, community hall, etc. Likewise, an ultra-luxurious apartment complex can have shopping complexes, restaurants, clinics, spas cafes, etc at their premises.

Moving into a gated community can seem like a huge change in 0ne’s life but in reality, it is not only simple but can have several positive impacts. Living in gated communities creates a sense of community and the security one can enjoy is unparallel. Apart from the amenities in the apartment complex offering a comfortable living, the organsied manner in which the complex functions make the residents’ life a lot easy.