Bye Laws

Pets & apartments: Why they get to stay and you do too

The perpetual debate of whether pets must be allowed in apartment complexes, or not, has made us realise that the need for a clear understanding of the situation is at an all-time high (especially before we jump to

New Feature: Announcing Bye Laws and Amendments Module in ApnaComplex

Bye Laws are the constitution of a Housing Society (Refer: old post on bye laws). Every registered housing soiciety have bye-laws that contain the governing principles of that society. Every society has the right to amend these

Launching Society Registers Module – Easily Comply with Regulatory Requirements Now

In yet another first, at ApnaComplex , we launch a new “Society Registers” module to specifically cater to Maharashtra based housing societies. The new module, Society Registers, enables associations and housing societies to comply with some of

Penalties In A Housing Society – Effectively Creating A Revenue Stream

The managing committee in every housing society is responsible for maintaining and managing the infrastructure. There is a steady stream of revenue that the management committee gets every month, as and when all residents in the apartment

What Apartment Owners Association Rules State About Running Small Businesses From Home

If you have a potential business idea or service that you want to try out in mind, it is always wise to consult the managing committee in your apartment association well in advance. Having a small chat

Apartment Owners Association Bye Laws – The Basic Bye Laws For Each Apartment Association

Apart from the deeds and declarations involved in buying an apartment, there are also many bye laws that you will need to be aware of. These bye laws will govern every property’s administration and a copy of

Karnataka Apartment Owners Act Part Two – Contents Of Declarations And Deeds Of Apartments

While registering your apartment under the Karnataka Apartment Owners Act, you will need to be aware of the contents of the deeds and declarations involved, as this is necessary. Not many people these days take the effort

Karnataka Apartment Owners Act Part One – Apartment Association And Registration of Deeds, Declarations

In order to buy your own apartment and become a member of the apartment association, there are a few steps and legal processes that you’ll need to know about. The Need It’s wise to be well versed

Apartment Association Terms Explained – Part Two

Apart from the basic terms, there are many other terms that are regularly used in an apartment association. Knowing these terms can aid you in comfortably becoming a member of an association yourself, where you’ll find that

Apartment Association Terms Explained – Part One

Learning about many terms used in an apartment association can be very helpful indeed. These terms will come to your rescue when you’re facing a huge wad of legal paperwork, and when you’re finding the formal tone