List of Dry Waste Collection Centres in Bangalore

With BBMP mandating Waste Segregation at source from Oct 1st 2012 in Bangalore, we at ApnaComplex have compiled a list of Dry Waste Collection Centres with information available on internet for your reference: Organization Name / Address

Apartment Complex Essentials – Tips for Organized Moving

Moving in can be an overwhelming experience. It is difficult to keep a track of everything even if you take time for organizing and packing things. Hence, it is always a good idea to make a checklist

Bangalore Graduates Constituency Election – Register to Vote

Thanks to Mr. Srinivas A, one of ApnaComplex well-wishers, we learnt about Bangalore Graduates Constituency Election to be held sometime around May 2012. Here is gist of what we gathered in Q&A format. Q: So, why are we talking

Roads in a Housing Society – Concrete Roads Vs Asphalt Roads

A housing society can either sport concrete roads or asphalt roads. Asphalt roads are steadily replacing concrete roads because of the low costs involved, despite the obvious advantages of concrete roads.While both types of roads, concrete and

Cost Cutting In A Housing Society – The Importance Of An Energy Efficient Refrigerator

Refrigerators are one of the major energy hungry appliances in a housing society. They might use less power than the air conditioners or the electric water heaters present in all flats in a housing society, but you

BEE Star Rating and Home Appliances – An Overview of BEE Star for a Greener Housing Society

It’s now become commonplace for a housing society to go green by adopting environmentally friendly measures, and in an effort to continue the same, you can opt for BEE Star Rated appliances. BEE Star Rating – you

Celebrating Holi in your Society – Do’s and Don’ts

ApnaComplex wishes every one a very Happy Holi! Celebrate, rejoice and make merry – while dodging splashes of colors at the same time. Take some time off your chores and unwind with your fellow members in the

Money Management In A Housing Society – Collecting And Handling Money For Events

There are many things that you can learn during your time in a housing society, and money management is one of these. You’ll face situations where you may have to organize and manage money for any events

Apartment Complex Basics – Things To Verify About Your Tenant

With a lot of people now shifting towards the apartment complex phenomenon, away from independent houses, chances are that you’ll be bombarded with options when you start searching for tenants for your apartment. Accommodation in major Indian

Accounting Features of ApnaComplex – Overview

ApnaComplex offers comprehensive accounting features that helps residential apartment and commercial complexes manage their financial matters Easily, Efficiently, and Effectively.  Behind the deceptively simple user interface of ApnaComplex, a full-fledged double-entry accounting system is present, hiding all the