Things to keep in mind when looking to rent a flat

There are many things one must consider before choosing to rent a flat in any apartment building. We, at Apnacomplex, list out the things we think you should keep in mind before renting that flat.

  1. Budget – Always consider your budget carefully before deciding to take up any flat on rent. The things to consider would be; gross rent paid, deposit, maintenance, and upkeep. All those things need to factor into your decision to rent out a flat.  Generally, things work up to 1.2x of the gross rent. So assuming your rent to be 10000 per month, you’ll eventually end up paying 12000 per month all things included. Once you know what the rent of your new flat will be, factor in your household income. As a rule of thumb, it is ok to spend 30% of your household income on rent in any given month. Once you have your budget sorted out, looking for a place can be much easier and less time consuming.Know your budget
  2. Broker Vs. No broker – getting a local broker can be a good way to increase your awareness of apartments in your area of choice. But then there’s the dreaded issue of brokerage, the one thing we never wish to pay (Trust me, I’m regretting paying brokerage as I write this article). Going on online sites can be a healthy start too, but what you see is not always what you get with online real estate listings, so it might take you longer than anticipated when you take that route. The only trait you’ll need is patience and you might just find the right fit searching online. In our experience, some of the best deals are available on classified newspapers and online portals (Please check You’ll be surprised at the deals you find there.Consider a broker carefully
  3. Be specific – If you’re experienced in renting out a place, you’ll probably be aware of these factors more or less, if not, then here’s the stuff that you’ll need to make that house a home.
    1. Check the amount of noise in that area – having religious institutions nearby might be good for your piety but can have a disastrous effect on your sleep schedule.
    2. Check if household services are available in that area – From dry cleaning to housekeepers, there are many areas where these basic services are difficult to come by, so ensure that you’re not making your life more difficult in the future.
    3. Check power outage cycles – some areas are notorious for a number of power cuts that occur there. So make sure your apartment provides for power backup or there are limited power outages there.
    4. Check water limitations – Water is considered the element of life, so maybe having a check on whether your apartment is equipped with rainwater harvesting or has some water facility to meet demand and supply will benefit you. Else you won’t have to option but to literally air your dirty laundry.Check if there's water in the flat
  4. Check the contract – Contracts are mandatory if you’re taking a flat on rent legally. Yes, we’re putting it that way because taking a flat legally benefits you more than the landlord. Here is a snapshot of things you need to look out for while taking you flat on rent:
    1. Contract dates – check when your contract starts and ends. Yes, you’ll be surprised at how many people miss this.
    2. Termination clauses – This is the most highlight-able area of your rental contract. Check to see if “My sister wants to come and stay” is a valid reason. Else, you can’t be evicted if you pay your rent on time.
    3. Penalties – Generally most flats have a one month rent as a penalty from their deposit. But make sure you’re aware of that clause in your contract.
    4. Repairs – Most contracts are segregated into major repairs and minor repairs. Major repairs are undertaken by the owner and minor repairs are undertaken by the tenant. So be sure to look out for that.
    5. Guests – Check to see if there’s any limitation on guests allowed. Contracts generally mirror society rules on such issues, so if your society limits guests then it’s better that you’re aware of what needs to be done.
    6. Rent renewal – arguably the most important part of your contract, check on the terms of a renewal. If there’s no renewal clause, push for it to be added in. Assuming you’re not going to move out of the house for the foreseeable future, it’s unjust to randomly have your rent increased on renewal. In our experience, most landlords settle for an annual 5% increase in rent year on year.
    7. Get everything in writing – Most landlords make blanket promises when giving out their house, make sure you get these promises/guarantees in writing, taking someone at their word can be good for relationships but remember, you’re looking for a house, not a friend.Contracts are important - Read carefully
  5. Inspect your flat – A lot of issues with your apartment can be hidden from a simple look. Inspect these things properly before deciding on whether or not to take the place.
    1. Pipes – make sure there are no blockages and the pipes work smoothly.
    2. Electrical fittings – See if the lights and fans work properly. It’s common courtesy for your landlord to provide these. Else, make it clear on who pays to fix it.
    3. Faucets and shower heads – Sometimes these basic fittings don’t work and nobody checks it out before renting out a place and moving in. Be sure to check these facilities in your prospective flat.
    4. Cracked windows or broken walls – If you can live with a cracked window or a broken wall, then it’s still fine. But make sure you keep photos of these issues before taking up a place. Those photos will come in handy when you’re vacating, trust us on this.Inspect your house carefully
  6. Rules and regulations – Although your landlord may be okay with these things, sometimes the housing society can have a lot of issues with some of the things you want. For example, you might not be allowed to keep pets in your house or you might not be allowed to throw a party. These are things that you should ideally check beforehand. It’s wiser if you ask the landlord these things than asking the society directly. (In Mumbai a lot of Societies require you to give an interview before being able to take a house on rent, so additional caution is advised there)Pets are people too
  7. Negotiate – A lot depends on who your landlord is and whether or not they’re ready to negotiate on the price. If it’s a person who owns a lot of property and runs this as a business, you’re going to find it harder to negotiate a better deal for yourself. If it’s an individual that is just looking to supplement their household income, play hardball, you’ll come out on top. Most landlords also practice up-selling their houses, so negotiating could make your deal sweeter than you think. Keep your poker face while negotiating
  8. Check if your apartment society is smart enough – Last but not the least, check if your prospective apartment complex is listed on by searching for it. If it is, then you’ll notice how simpler your life becomes once you live there. If not, then there’s always something you can do about it; like referring the software to you society or searching for a different apartment altogether.

Launching New ApnaComplex Classifieds

We are happy to announce the launch of a new ApnaComplex Classifieds Section for our members to post their needs and reach out to wider audience. You can access the classifieds section at

ApnaComplex Classifieds will replace the earlier mechanism of posting notices with “Every one on internet” visibility. With this feature, admins need not be spending time approving buy/sell/rent type of notices from members and keep the noticeboard clean. ApnaComplex Classifieds is also tightly integrated with Facebook for members who want to post these classifieds to a wider audience in their respective networks.

Apartment Basics – Kids’ Rooms and How to Design Them

Designing your kid’s room in your housing society flat can be quite an ordeal because of the swift pace at which kids grow and their rapidly changing tastes these days.Designing kids room

You can implement some of these useful pointers, which will help strike the ideal balance between finesse and practicality for designing a kid’s room.

Space is the Key

Kids these days require as much free space as possible. It is extremely important for you avoid cramping up your kid’s rooms with furniture and unnecessary decorations.

While designing the bedroom, you must have a basic idea on how much storage space you will need. Kids often outgrow their toys every six months and demand new ones. So the designing process requires a lot of flexibility when it comes to storage. You can opt for beds with pull-out bins as these provide additional storage space.

Choosing the Bed

The bed is the first piece of furniture that you should choose. It is extremely important to choose one which is of an appropriate size, keeping in mind that your child will grow at a fast pace.

In order to make the bed inviting for sitting as well, make sure that you install a suitable headboard which is preferably made of cotton or leather as opposed to wood. Install a variety of pillows in different shapes and colors. Installing bunk beds is an extremely practical space saving tip.

Space can be an issue in a housing society flat, so choose the bed accordingly.

Make the Room Lively

While choosing the color, don’t be afraid to experiment. Choose a soothing yet lively wall color which matches with the rest of your furniture. Most parents take it as a given that pink is the color that they need to use while designing a girls room. This is not true.

You must remember that your kids grow out of their phases extremely fast, so try to go in for more neutral colors. Another important feature is the lighting. You must ensure that your room has sufficient natural and artificial lighting at all times.

When you’re assigning a room for your kid in the housing society flat, choose one that has proper natural lighting and finely spaced bars in the windows.

Furniture and Fittings

When it comes to furniture, remember not to overdo things. A comfortable bean bag can be the perfect seating accessory for your kid. Installing a bulletin board is a smart way to display your kid’s drawings and artwork. Storage closets and study tables are essential.

You can install multi-compartment pockets, each used to store a particular item. Study tables should ideally be placed facing a window so that natural light flows in, in addition to a table lamp.

Alternative Hanging Tools

Most parents in a housing society are uncomfortable using nails or tape for hanging wall decorations. The laundry line hook is a practical alternative. You can install one across the length of the room as this gives the room a vibrant air.

Designing a kid’s room can be challenging, yet fun. Keep in mind that your child requires a lot of space and color. Housing society families can take note of these useful tips while designing a room that will appeal to every single kid.

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Housing Society Knowhow – What You Should Know About Prepaying Loans

Prepaying Loans

Prepayment Penalty is a nightmare that is suffered by the individual borrowers who take home loans for buying apartments. A prepayment loan generally means that all debts have to be paid before the due date. Prepayment penalty usually ranges between 1% or 5% on the total loan taken depending on the bank.

The NHB (National Housing Bank) sent out a notice to all the HFCs (Housing Finance Company) recently to levy any prepayment charges. This decision has been greatly applauded by the RBI (Reserve Bank of India). The ban is not only levied on the prepayment of the floating rate home loans but also the borrowers of the fixed rate home loan schemes

However, if you have taken a Prepayment Loan you just need to follow a few simple rules. Here’s a look at them

Rule #1 Negotiation With Your Bank

Before transferring your home loan, do let your bank know regarding why you have planned to pay your loan beforehand. If the EMI on your home loan is unaffordable to you or the interest rate is sky high, then the bank might grant you certain options like extension in tenure, partial repayment or a relaxation in the home loan EMI.

Rule #2 Switching to a Floating Rate Scheme From a Fixed rate Loan

Some of the borrowers let you choose a floating scheme of payment if you are finding a difficulty in paying your home loan. The floating loan scheme comes 1 or 2 percent cheaper than the fixed rate loan scheme.

Rule #3 Partial Prepayment

If the pre-play is taking a toll on your budget and the interest rate is too high for you to pay up; talking to the bank is always an option. The bank can allow you to make partial prepayments and lower the principal amount; they can also reduce the outstanding loan amount. Many banks have the option of a partial prepayment of the loan, which does not exceed 25% of the total loan amount.

Rule #4 Prepayment of the Home Loan from Your Source

In case you decide to go for a full loan prepayment or opt for a foreclosure with own funds, no penalty amount will be levied on you. These funds can be a maturity of bonuses from sale of assets and employment or life policies.

Home Loan is a major source of fund when you buy a property. The Home Loan EMI or the interest rate varies from one bank to another. Hence, it is very necessary to plan and choose an interest rate or an EMI or a home loan prepayment.

This article aims at collating and providing information for benefit of ApnaComplex customers and blog readers. While ApnaComplex has taken every care to ensure the information is accurate, we suggest to please use it only as a guidance for further discussion and action with help of relevant professionals.

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ApnaComplex is India’s most comprehensive web based housing society accounting, management and communication software. It is designed to make the life of residents and owners a lot better by bringing in more transparency and accountability in managing a housing society. Check out the features of ApnaComplex and sign up your society today to get the benefits! We offer a free 30-day trail as well so that you can try before you buy!

Housing Society Living – How to Make Your Home More Spacious

Spacious Homes
Having your own home is definitely a priority in life. One of the first impressions while buying a home is that it should be large and spacious and that can burn a hole in your wallet. You start compromising on your shopping, partying and other luxuries when you plan to buy a spacious apartment.

However, when you actually move in to your new place with all the furniture and other storage boxes, the house looks crammed up. Figuring out the right places to store all the old and unwanted items is definitely a challenge. Following are some useful tips on how to effectively make your house more spacious.

Placement of Furniture

The furniture needs to be in the perfect place to efficiently partition a room into two. For example, you can use a big wardrobe to separate a large room into two, which will offer more privacy. A kitchen platform is a nice way of dividing an entire kitchen into a cooking space and a separate dining space.

Storage Space

You can always reduce the storage area by keeping all the container boxes and seasonal items below the beds or underneath the furniture. Buy beds or tables which have drawers or storage spaces in them. You can use shelves and hooks behind the doors or wardrobes to hang your clothes.

Colors and Paints

Using pastel and light colors makes your room look bigger. For better illusion you can use colors like cream, yellow, icy blue and white. Dark colors absorb most of the lights and hence make the room look darker. You can paint your room with light vertical paints to give a high rise look.

Natural Light

Avoid placing big furniture in front of the windows; it blocks the natural light from entering the room. It is always advisable to install high rise windows at your such as French windows to give your room a more spacious look. Don’t clutter up your window sill if you have smaller windows.

Installing Adequate Mirrors in Your House

Placing a mirror in your apartment makes it look more spacious. A mirror reflects both artificial and natural light. Using cabinets, which have mirrors, can be used to store a lot of small stuff. You should keep the mirror at a place where light falls on the mirror.

Electronic Goods

Making use of electronic goods can clutter up your home space a lot. Take optimum care when you plan to place the TV or the LCD in some room. Laptops are more useful than that of personal computers.

Interior Décor

The walls should not be cluttered up with many photo frames and pictures. Using one or two pictures on the wall is a better option. Feng Shui or Vaastu Shaastra can be implemented in your place to bring in a good ambience to your apartment.

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Recently Kamal Co-operative Housing Society, Mumbai went live on ApnaComplex. The society has moved all thier accounts into ApnaComplex and for the first time issued digital invoices and receipts to its members. Mr. Hemang Thakker, Hon. Treasurer of the society was very pleased with the many positive comments from their members and has the following to say on ApnaComplex –

“We were on the lookout for an accounting software for our society for quite some time. We zeroed in on Apnacomplex as the site is well designed and featured all the things one looks for in a good software AND offered a no-obligation one month free trial.

The best part is that ApnaComplex delivers what it promises. I am very happy to say that all the doubts, queries and issues raised by us were addressed promptly and in a very positive manner. And as new features are being added the whole experience becomes richer.

We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship and would recommend the program whole heartedly.”

Thank you Mr. Thakker for your kind words!

The Power Backup Options in a Housing Society

With the steadily growing instances of power cuts in the country, a housing society should essentially have power backup plans for its residents to live their lives unhindered. Power cuts can be a major hindrance when you’ve planned your day out, and staying in a housing society that has poorly developed power backup options can be frustrating.Thanks to growing technology, the options for countering power cuts are many and the housing society management can choose from different backup options. Residents can opt for smaller backup options for personal use as well.

For common use, the housing society management can install diesel generators, as many such backup options are provided in prominent complexes. You can opt for regular generators, in case the backup in your housing society is not proper.

power backup options

Choosing a Suitable Backup Plan

You can choose your power backup option based on the area you live in, the weather in the region, and the kind of appliances you use.

The most efficient power back up plan is the fixed generator through which your AC loads, electrical appliances and essential lights can work. Depending on the size of your flat in the housing society, you can choose a generator.

A 5000 watt generator would be ideal for a three bedroom apartment, and a diesel generator can be a cheaper option as the fuel cost is less. Even solar generators have come out in the markets, and these run only on solar energy, which is renewable and nonpolluting.

If you’re looking for temporary options, you can use inverters through which bare essentials like the refrigerator, electrical fans and a few lights can be run.

Choosing a Price Range

A generator is most expensive of the lot and the price varies depending on the amount of energy it can hold. The range of an ideal generator is Rs 30,000 upwards.

For the people with lighter pockets, an inverter will be most suitable as it costs one tenth the price of a generator. An inverter runs on a rechargeable battery, so you can cut back on fuel costs.

Installing a Power Backup

While installing a generator or an inverter, care should be taken connect the main electrical appliances and lighting. Depending on the climate in your region, your appliance should be fixed. This is because if the climate is cold, care should be taken to prevent the internal pipes from freezing.

If the climate is hot, necessary covers or shutters should be made for the appliance to prevent it from overheating. Always choose a user friendly engine which is easy to use because you’ll have to manually switch on your generator or inverter. You should learn as much as you can about the appliance and fixing smoke alarms is another must.

Power Backup Maintenance

A generator is a high maintenance machine as it needs regular servicing and sufficient amount of fuel that should be added at all times. The installation costs for a generator can be very steep.

An inverter has lower maintenance and since it works on a battery, the terminals need to be oiled regularly. Both appliances should be run during regular intervals. If they are being used for a long period of time, you should schedule sufficient breaks in between to prevent them from overheating and exploding.

When you choose your power backup, make your choice based on your essentials and necessities. Try and take an eco conscious approach as solar power options can be helpful in the long run.

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Apartment Fire Safety – Basic Knowhow About Fire Escapes

With Diwali around the corner, safety measures in a housing society must be taken against all possible threats to ensure that there are no mishaps of any kind.
fire safety escape routes

Fire safety in a housing society is especially of prime importance, and fire exits must be provided in all buildings and this is mandatory.

Housing Society Fire Escapes

A fire escape is an emergency exit usually located outside a building but always as a separate entity from the main building. As the name specifies, it provides an escape route in case a fire breaks out within the housing society building or any other emergency surfaces, when the main exit is cut out of access.

Fire escapes have many levels, and they have horizontal platforms on each level (floor) that are connected to each other through ladders or stairs. These escapes are made of steel to keep leaves or snow from settling on them. They are generally made from fire resistant materials and extend from windows at every level.

The access from the inside portion of the housing society building to the fire escape is usually through a fire exit, but in certain buildings, the only access might be through the windows.

Fire escape doors are normally fitted with fire alarms in a housing society in order to prevent unauthorized people from gaining access and in order to prevent people from using the route for other purposes.

Installing and Maintaining Fire Escapes

  • If you find out that your housing society building does not have fire escapes, you can take up this issue during a resident meeting and ensure that the management committee gets them installed.
  • Every floor must have fire escapes as an alternative to staircases and lifts as these can’t be used during the time of fire.
  • The maintenance team should ensure that no objects are kept in front of the fire escape, in order to ensure that the exit route is not blocked.
  • The exit routes must be cleaned and maintained regularly by the maintenance team so that there are no problems during an emergency. This should be done on a monthly basis.
  • While installing the fire exits or escapes, care should be taken and quality infrastructure should be installed as this is a serious investment.
  • The ladders can be of chain or web type. Railings should be provided along the ladders and the fire escapes in order to prevent any falls.
  • The ladder from the first level of the fire escape to the ground floor can be fixed. A better idea would be to opt for a ladder that swings down along a flexible joint or slides down.
  • Movable fire escape ladders are preferred in order to dissuade burglars from entering the buildings through such fire escapes.

With your personal safety and the safety of your family in mind, ensure that you bring up the concept of fire safety during resident meetings so that fire escapes are installed. While moving into a housing society, ensure that the buildings have proper fire safety measures in place.

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ApnaComplex is India’s most comprehensive web based housing society accounting, management and communication software. It is designed to make the life of residents and owners a lot better by bringing in more transparency and accountability in managing a housing society. Check out the features of ApnaComplex and sign up your society today to get the benefits! We offer a free 30-day trial as well so that you can try before you buy!

Dussehra Celebrations in a Housing Society – Tips You Can Try

Organizing Dussehra celebrations in a housing society can be an absolutely thrilling experience, mainly if you take into consideration the many rituals and rites associated with this festival. Dussehra is one of the most awaited festivals in India, given the commercial and social extravaganza that accompanies the religious festival.

Dussehra celebration in housing society
The Blend of Beliefs and Cultures

Dussehra is a festival that’s celebrated with different beliefs and rituals in across the country. A housing society is an ideal place to celebrate Dussehra, mainly because people who come from various parts of the country and from different cultural background stay in such apartment complexes as they provide a cosmopolitan and multi-cultural environment.

In your housing society, you can provide a stage where the Mysore Dasara can blend seamlessly with the north-Indian Navaratri and the Bengali Durga Puja, within the same premises. Children will be exposed to the various aspects of their own festivals, and they will be able to gain an understanding about the different festivals celebrated across all states.

Some Tips for Celebrating Dussehra

You’ll need to bring together many members from your housing society for the celebrations to be a success. Planning the strategy in advance can help. Always ensure that the apartment association is aware of what’s going on.

  • Allocate a budget for Dussehra celebrations. The source of funds can be in the form of donations from residents, and this can be collected before the event or in monthly amounts throughout the year. Local businesses may also be invited to set up stalls for food and entertainment purposes, and you can try and contact other businesses that can sponsor the event and put up advertisements.
  • Try and involve the maximum number of residents. Notices circulated well in advance before the celebrations can ensure that individual families don’t make other plans for the festivities. This increases the level of participation.
  • Detailed plans should be put in place for the day of the event. Detailed planning can help you avoid last minute modifications and inconveniences. The schedule for the event should be put up on notice boards and other common areas so that people know what to expect.
  • Ensure representation from the different communities of people who live within the complex. This will enrich the event and make it more enjoyable for everyone, without seeming bland.
  • Make sure that all government laws related to pandals, loudspeakers, and fireworks are abided by. This is something that the apartment association should take care of.
  • The food served can be across different cuisines, cooked up by representatives of the many communities present. It would be safe to stick to delectable vegetarian fare throughout the festivities.
  • Volunteers should be picked and invited from among the residents of the housing society. Dussehra celebrations are generally large-scale, so a handful of people may not be able to put all measures in place smoothly. A large, structured group of volunteers, with clear line of duties and reporting lines will help you execute the plans.
  • Safety and security measures like fire-extinguishers and first-aid-kits should be arranged, along with contact numbers of in-house doctors. Loudspeakers should be used minimally and a lost-and-found desk can be added too.
  • Cultural programs for children and adults, like rangoli, drawing, drama, dance, and singing or recitation competitions may be organized.

Dussehra celebrations in a housing society can provide a multi-cultural, enriching and enjoyable experience for all residents, irrespective of their age, culture or roots.

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ApnaComplex is India’s most comprehensive web based housing society accounting, management and communication software. It is designed to make the life of residents and owners a lot better by bringing in more transparency and accountability in managing a housing society. Check out the features of ApnaComplex and sign up your society today to get the benefits! We offer a free 30-day trial as well so that you can try before you buy!

Green Housing Society – Eco Friendly Measures to Dispose All Idols

Festivals in a housing society are celebrated with undiluted enthusiasm, as India is a country that’s known for its festivals and varied culture, and people from different communities live inside a residential complex in every housing society.Eco friendly measures to dispose all idols
Although Ganesh Chaturthi festivities might seem enticing and fun, celebrations that are conducted during this major festival harm the environment in one way or the other. Every housing society should follow eco friendly and green practices in order to ensure that people don’t destroy nature in an attempt to celebrate their culture.

People living in a housing society can follow a few pointers through which they can celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in a pleasant yet eco-friendly manner.

Why Choose Clay Idols Over Plastic Idols?

Idol immersion is a common scene during Ganesh Chaturthi, where the idol of Lord Ganesh is finally immersed into the sea or any other water body following the end of the festival. This adversely affects the marine life at sea. This effect is due to the fact that the Ganesh idols that people purchase are often made of Plaster of Paris.

This toxic substance, when dumped into the ocean is consumed by aquatic creatures, leading to their death. In order to completely avoid this problem, ensure that you buy an idol which is made of clay or mud as it does not harm the marine ecosystem.

You can do your bit and spread some awareness among the residents of your flat about the environmental advantages of using clay idols over plastic ones. Although it would not be realistic on your part to expect everyone to change their preferences immediately, all you need to do is start off the initial spark. You can talk to the apartment association regarding this.

Innovative Eco-Friendly Idols You Can Try

Apart from the regular clay and mud models, environmental groups are coming up with various solutions to reduce the adverse effects that massive idol disposal causes. A community called Sadguru Shri Aniruddha Upasana Trust came up with the concept of biodegradable Ganeshs.

These idols are made from paper from the trust’s Ramnaam notebooks. The paper is packed in casts in order to mold the material and give it a definite shape. The idol is allowed to dry for a period of two days and then painted with non-toxic colors.

These idols are easy to make and cause no harmful effects towards the environment. You can urge your housing society neighbors to buy these eco-friendly alternatives. A housing society can also buy a single large idol of the lord for the entire locality in order to reduce the disposal of numerous idols in the sea.

The Need for Artificial Lakes and Collective Dumping

In a housing society, the management can collectively make a decision to dig up a ditch and fill it with water so that idol immersion can be done in such a place, reducing the overall contamination. If an artificial ditch like this is created in every housing society, the levels of pollution will fall drastically and even traffic congestion on the roads can be avoided.

There are many small steps like these that members in a housing society can take in order to make their community a better place to live in.

Get your Society on ApnaComplex – Today!
ApnaComplex is India’s most comprehensive web based housing society accounting, management and communication software. It is designed to make the life of residents and owners a lot better by bringing in more transparency and accountability in managing a housing society. Check out the features of ApnaComplex and sign up your society today to get the benefits! We offer a free 30-day trial as well so that you can try before you buy!