Indoor Gardening

Home improvement – Utilize your home space efficiently

If you live in a home or an apartment that’s commodious enough for one or two people, but still feel like you could use the space better if you knew how to, these are the home decor

Oota from your Thota – Greening Bangalore’s Terraces and Balconies

ApnaComplex organized the Oota from Thota event on Sunday, 8th Jan, 2012 at Electronic City, Bangalore and here is the participants perspective of the event. There was a sizable crowd of green enthusiasts with personal passions of

Indoor Gardening 101 – Plants That You Should Avoid

Growing plants in and around your house can be very beneficial; however, there are certain plants that you should avoid growing indoors in your apartment. Plants and shrubs provide a variety of benefits as they add on

Indoor Gardening 101 – Growing Vegetables in a Housing Society Flat

People assume that maintaining a vegetable garden in the city is something that’s unthinkable, but if you stay in a apartment flat with a balcony or a veranda, you can build a small vegetable garden of your

Indoor Gardening 101 – How to Create and Maintain a Balcony Garden in your Apartment

With the space constraint that’s prevalent in cities, it can be a tad difficult to plant big trees and plants or own independent houses with gardens – but you can create your mini garden in your very