Buying Property

Occupancy Certificate and Partial Occupancy Certificate – All you need to know

When one purchases property to move into, or for investment purposes, its pros and cons come along with it. Formalities need to be completed and documents, such as an occupancy certificate or a partial occupancy certificate, need

What are the factors that influence property valuation in India?

Over time, property investments offer handsome returns but the initial investment is always heavy on the pocket. Before buying the property, one should try to evaluate a property in every possible way. Always try to look at

Steps to minimize your risks while buying a property in Bengaluru

The real estate market in Bangalore is quite vibrant. The builders are developing villas and apartments of various categories to cater all sections of the society.  The built up area ranges from 650 sqft to 10,000 sqft

Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai most lucrative property investment destinations in 2015

As per a report published by PwC, the ranking of Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai as a lucrative property investment destination has improved in comparison to last 2 years. Bangalore has climbed up to the 17th position, whereas

Are you Ready to Invest In Real Estate? Your Check List is Here!

When it comes to property investment, timing is everything. Ultimately, choosing the right time to enter the market will have a significant impact on the long-term success of your investment. But how can you, as an investor,

5 Things you Should ask your Real Estate Agent Before Zeroing your Apartment

Be smart, question your real estate agent before buying a apartment and stay worry free  Owning a home is like a dream come true as the property squeeze has forced many prospective buyers to look at a

The Key Real Estate Agent Benefits And Disadvantages You Should Know

If you are in the market for a house, one of the first decisions you have to take will be whether or not to hire a real estate agent. While flying solo may save you a significant

Hidden Costs Of Buying A House: A Buyer’s Guide

Besides the basic property value advertised by the developer or sellers, buyers invariably end up having to shell out more to meet all the hidden costs of buying a house. Knowing about these expenses can help you

How To Choose A Real Estate Agent: A Guide For The Clueless

Hiring a good real estate agent is the first and foremost step in the process of making a successful and hassle free property transaction, but when it comes to buying property, though, most people discover a little

Which Is Better: Buying A Ready To Move House Or One Under Construction

Choosing between a ready-to-move house and an under construction property can be a tough decision. It’s highly advisable to consider your personal need, available finances, and the pros and cons of both options before you go property