Selling Property

Occupancy Certificate and Partial Occupancy Certificate – All you need to know

When one purchases property to move into, or for investment purposes, its pros and cons come along with it. Formalities need to be completed and documents, such as an occupancy certificate or a partial occupancy certificate, need

Carpet Cleaning Tips As Per Different Types Of Smears

Got a carpet for your home but it doesn’t look new anymore? These tips will teach you how to clean your carpet effectively and get back that brand new look.   Regular clean-ups: Your carpet is the

What are the factors that influence property valuation in India?

Over time, property investments offer handsome returns but the initial investment is always heavy on the pocket. Before buying the property, one should try to evaluate a property in every possible way. Always try to look at

Property Value Estimate: How To Crunch The Numbers

When you decide to put your property up for sale, the first thing you need to do is get a property value estimate done. To calculate the value of a property, you need to consider a number

Tips For Selling Your House – What Every Seller Should Know

You’ve decided to sell your house, and are now looking for ways to market it. Or you have already put your house up for sale, but somehow you aren’t receiving as many phone calls and visits as

Selling A House – A Look At The Paperwork Involved

Get your papers in order if you’re planning on selling a house. It’s very important for the buyer to establish the authenticity of the property, and to know what, or where, he’s getting into. So reach out