Water Management

5 Ways To Decide On A New Year Resolution That Doesn’t Need Work

It’s that time of the year when almost everyone around you is coming up with ways of making the incoming year more productive. Some people have been planning their new year resolutions since the latter half of

Announcing Water Monitor by ApnaComplex – Track Water Tanker Trips and Consumption in your Apartment Complex

We are proud to announce the launch of “Water Monitor” – an Android App to easily keep track of the Water delivered by Tankers to your society. Getting Water Supply from private tankers in an inconvenient truth

Apartment Management Monsoon Maintenance – How to Clean the Swimming Pool

It goes without saying that a beautiful property with a well maintained swimming pool is always a delight to witness. However, proper thought and care should be put in when it comes to maintaining a swimming pool,

Housing Society Knowhow – Rain Water Harvesting Guidelines in Hyderabad

Infrastructure management in any two cities is never the same, and Rain Water Harvesting (RWH) is one such measure that has different guidelines in every city. The RWH guidelines in Hyderabad are understandably entirely different from those

Housing Society Knowhow – RWH Guidelines in Bangalore

Rain Water Harvesting (RWH) has been made mandatory for every housing society and independent household, and in order to ensure that your housing society is following the norms specified by the government, you’ll have to understand the

Conserving Water In A Housing Society – Tips For Every Household – Housing Society

Water is a precious resource and the world over; it is also a dwindling resource – even in a housing society. Increasing human population is piling a huge demand on the overall water resources, and reservoirs are

How to Operate and Maintain Water Treatment Plant Efficiently – Easy Guide to Apartment Associations

Most Apartment Associations and Housing Societies are run by volunteers and most of them do not have necessary technical background that is necessary to ensure proper maintenance of the critical assets like Water Treatment Plants, RO Water

Water Treatment in times of Water Scarcity – Need for better operation and maintenance of Water Treatment Plants in your Housing Society

History of Growth of Water Treatment Industry The water treatment industry in India is well established and has been around since the early 1950s with just a few players  at that time, several of them subsidiaries of

Recycle Water: Does Bangalore face Waterless Future? – Final Part

In final part of “Does Bangalore face Waterless Future?” series presented by ApnaComplex, Mr. S.S.Ranganathan elaborates on “RECYCLE” parts of his “REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE” mantra for Water Conservation. He explains how technology can help recycle waste

Reduce Water Consumption: Does Bangalore face Waterless Future? – Part 2

In part-2 of “Does Bangalore face Waterless Future” series presented by ApnaComplex, Mr. S.S.Ranganathan elaborates on ‘REDUCE’ part of his ‘mantra’ – REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE. He goes on to recommend installation of water meters for every