Avoid A ‘Home Alone’ Situation With The Gatekeeper App

Remember Harry and Marv? The tiny short-tempered man and the tall dumb one, who terrorised the living daylights out of a naughty 8-year-old called Kevin McCallister?

Yes. We’re talking about the plot of the 1990 blockbuster movie, Home Alone, where the bad guys ultimately end up paying for their crimes, behind bars. While the movie served its purpose of entertaining people and raking in some big moolah, the depiction of events hold no semblance in the real world.

Now, imagine a country like India where there are thousands of Harrys and Marvs – probably a lot more deadlier – goofing off in every major metropolis, and most probably in an area surrounding you too. How do you keep your apartment and your kids from witnessing or being victims to rancid, violent Home Alone-esque occurrences?


Gatekeeper Home Alone


The answer lies with choosing an effective and efficient security system of course, like the Gatekeeper app by ApnaComplex, one of India’s leading security solutions providers. It’s quite like a benevolent all-seeing eye watching over your kids. Here is a scenario on how Gatekeeper can effortlessly handle it without the guard having to break a sweat.


The Trespassing And The Break-In

Remember when Kevin, despite all his best efforts, could no longer hold the “There are people in the house” act? Well, the criminal twosome from the Wet Bandits gang decided to invite themselves into the McCallister household, which spelled more trouble for the obnoxious little kid.

However, when you get Gatekeeper, the visitor tracking app, there is no chance of random strangers gaining unauthorised access to your apartment complex, let alone your doorstep.




The All-Seeing Guard

For a visitor to enter your apartment complex, they will need to provide brief details of the resident they are going to visit and their door number at the security booth. For the information to be rechecked correctly with the resident, the guard has the option to then send a text message or call the resident and confirm whether they are expecting a visitor.

Once the authenticity (or the apparent lack thereof) of the visitor’s request is ascertained, one can figure out whether a visitor is around for the right reasons or not!

Having a high-security feature in the form of a user-friendly app will not just help you avoid the Home Alone situation, but will also play a key part in safeguarding the well-being of your kids and your entire family.


Three Apartment Security Systems That You Need To Stay Safe

Apartment security has become a major concern in the country, especially in urban India. NCRB has stated that there has been a drastic rise in robbery and burglary cases in the past few years in Indian cities. Keeping this in mind, nowadays, many people have beefed up the security systems at their house.


Without having a robust security system in place, your house becomes an easy target for criminals. This article will guide you on why and how to choose some of the modern day security equipment.


  • Access Control Systems

This is the most common type of security system one would come across. Access control includes doors, gates, windows, fences and common area lighting. Due to the presence of 24 x 7 security officers, access control barriers are what residents prefer when it comes to apartment security.




  • Card Access Systems

Considered as one of the best security measures, Card Access Systems provide the best technology to access locked doors and gates. If your residential apartment is a part of a newly constructed building, then opting for this type of security is the better than any traditional security measure. This is because it offers top notch security management, without burning a hole in your pocket.

Access cards use specially programmed software to record date, time, and location of every entryway. For instance, access cards can store information of residents and visitors who enter and exit the building, spa, gym or parking lot. All these features make card access systems worth installing.




  • Advanced Key Control System

If you install Key Control System at your residence, it will not only be an efficient guardian to your home, but will also prove to be a pocket friendly deal. The best feature of key control systems is that if the access card is damaged, lost, or the resident moves out, the card details can be deleted from the server just with a few keystrokes.

Owners of multi-storied residential properties will prefer this system more. This is because advanced key control systems can safely store the codes of each and every person using it, and can be password protected on all floors.


Apart from using a safety system, you can also make use of Gatekeeper, a simple app that allows you to monitor visitors and store their information. It is easy to use, which means your security guards will have a more efficient system of maintaining security.

Apartment Complex Safety – How To Protect Your Kids From Mishaps

Apartment complexes are vast structures, and it can be hard to monitor what’s going on at any given point of time. Apartment complex safety has always been an important issue, and the need for safety measures is always there.

Why Apartment Complex Safety Is Primary

There’s been a collection shift in the urban lifestyle, and people are not moving into spaces like an apartment complex rather than opting for individual houses due to a general lack of space. While there are many advantages that living in an apartment complex can bring, apartment complex safety is something that you should always keep an eye out for.

Kids, especially, have a habit of throwing caution to the winds due to their inherent excitement and curiosity, and this can prove fatal unless proper steps are taken.

Moreover, many apartment complexes don’t have separate play areas where kids can get together and have fun, and for this reason, many kids end up playing in potentially dangerous areas like the terrace and on the roads.

Ensuring that your kids are safe during your stint in an apartment complex can be quite hard, but you’ll need to take up the responsibility of managing their daily activities.

An Open Window Can Spell Major Safety Trouble in an Apartment Complex

An Open Window Can Spell Major Safety Trouble in an Apartment Complex

How You Can Do It

There are many steps that you can easily follow, so that no mishaps occur during your stay in an apartment complex.

  • Ensure that your kids are under your supervision whenever they’re within the complex. You can teach your kids the importance of being safe, and you can subtly highlight the dangers that can occur so that they take it seriously.
  • Talk to the members of your apartment association and ensure that the terrace has safety nets and proper iron railings. The terrace should ideally have a parapet wall that’s more than 1.5 meters in height, and the iron railings can be provided on top of this.
  • The access doors that lead to the terrace should be kept closed and locked at all times. The apartment association can grant keys to every family, and parents should ensure that these keys are kept out of their kids’ reach.
  • Separate play areas for kids can be created in a very safe space where they’ll be exposed to minimum dangers. This will dissuade kids from playing in other open spaces, including parking lots and roads. Make sure that your kids don’t end up playing in the balcony on any account.
  • Iron railings can be placed in balconies as well so that people (not just kids!) don’t rest or sit on the balcony wall. 
  • Install window guards if your flat is located anywhere above the first floor. You can get window guards for your home easily as they are available in all hardware stores.

You can also get the apartment security personnel to closely watch all kids when they’re not accompanied by adults in any particular section of the apartment complex. These safety measures are necessary in all apartment complexes, and they need to be strictly followed.

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