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6 Reasons Why A Cashless Society Is Here To Stay

With the new cashless wave gaining momentum in India, societies all over are adopting various ways of doing their bit to forward this initiative. Here’s why everyone should go cashless starting from today –   (Firstly, to avoid

Apartment Management Monsoon Maintenance – How to Clean the Swimming Pool

It goes without saying that a beautiful property with a well maintained swimming pool is always a delight to witness. However, proper thought and care should be put in when it comes to maintaining a swimming pool,

Apartment Fire Safety – Safety Measures within the Complex

The need for fire management has become an integral part of every housing society, and this is especially true in a housing system where hundreds and thousands of people reside in close quarters. Effective safety measures including

Maintaining the Roads in an Layout / Apartment Complex – Some Basic Knowhow

Proper roads are absolutely necessary in every apartment complex. The roads in an apartment complex are mainly used for traveling purposes, and they also add an element of beauty to the apartment complex. The Need for Maintenance

Coping With the Rains Through Apartment Association Events

The monsoon months in an apartment complex are generally uneventful, as frequent rains can hamper all your plans and limit your social interactions. This doesn’t mean that you have to stay cooped up inside your house throughout

Apartment Management Monsoon Maintenance – Steps To Prevent and Remove Rust

Housing society buildings are specifically designed and constructed to withstand the thundering downpours of the monsoon and the issues that come along with the season.  While most major issues like the stability of the building will be

Indoor Gardening 101 – How to Create and Maintain a Balcony Garden in your Apartment

With the space constraint that’s prevalent in cities, it can be a tad difficult to plant big trees and plants or own independent houses with gardens – but you can create your mini garden in your very

Apartment Maintenance Tips To Wipe Out The Termite Problem

When it comes to apartment maintenance or housing society maintenance, termite control is sure to figure prominently in the list. These pests may outwardly seem small and insignificant, but their effects can be potentially devastating, as they

Does Your Apartment Complex Swimming Pool Need Winter Maintenance?

If there’s one place in the apartment complex that everybody hangs out during the summer –it’s the swimming pool. This is particularly true taking into account the heat that the Indian summer brings, when people will be