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The Need for Using Energy Efficient Doors in a Housing Society

Housing society residents from across the country are moving from ornamental and beautiful doors to energy efficient doors that provide the required insulation, helping them save money.Depending on the housing society, such energy efficient doors are installed

Apartment Fire Safety – Safety Measures within the Complex

The need for fire management has become an integral part of every housing society, and this is especially true in a housing system where hundreds and thousands of people reside in close quarters. Effective safety measures including

Roads in a Housing Society – Concrete Roads Vs Asphalt Roads

A housing society can either sport concrete roads or asphalt roads. Asphalt roads are steadily replacing concrete roads because of the low costs involved, despite the obvious advantages of concrete roads.While both types of roads, concrete and

Maintaining the Common Terrace in a Housing Society

The common terrace, as the name suggests, is a public space that’s open to all residents in a housing society. Since this space is used by everybody in the housing society, it’s the responsibility of every resident

Living in a Housing Society – Know Your Neighbors!

The joy of living in a housing society mainly revolves around getting to know a lot of people and practicing the art of community living. You may feel out-of-place and shy when you first move into a

The Importance Of Electrical Safety In A Housing Society

Most people hardly understand the importance of proper electrical safety in a cooperative housing society. The tingling sensation that a minor shock produces in your skin may seem trivial, but more severe shocks can cause burns all

All You Need To Know About Tot Lots (Kids Play Areas) Maintenance In A Housing Society

Tot lots are common areas in every housing society, a place where children get together regularly to play and spend their time in the evening. With its swings, see saws and slides, a tot lot is a

What Apartment Owners Association Rules State About Running Small Businesses From Home

If you have a potential business idea or service that you want to try out in mind, it is always wise to consult the managing committee in your apartment association well in advance. Having a small chat

Tips on Decorating Balconies in an Apartment Complex

Apartments are compact, safe, and convenient to live in. However, because of space restrictions, decorating apartments can be a little difficult at times. This is most evident when decorating apartment balconies. Nevertheless, a well decorated balcony is

Apartment Owners Association Bye Laws – The Basic Bye Laws For Each Apartment Association

Apart from the deeds and declarations involved in buying an apartment, there are also many bye laws that you will need to be aware of. These bye laws will govern every property’s administration and a copy of