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Waste Management in Apartments: Awareness and Best Practice Sessions Updates

ApnaComplex with support from Bannerghatta Neighborhood Association, conducted Waste Management Awareness and Best Practices Sharing Sessions on Saturday, 24th November, 2012. After a warm welcome from Mr. Sanjeev Bansal of Vithola Apartments, the event kick-started off with

Striving for a Waste Sensitive Bangalore – Featuring SAAHAS!

ApnaComplex is delighted to feature an interview from Saahas – the organization that every waste sensitive communities would know. Below is a detailed interview from Ms. Babita Saxena, Program Head at Saahas who explains more about Saahas

Solid Waste Management in Apartments and Layouts – Best Practices

Below are presentations on Solid Waste Management from two of ApnaComplex customers Ferns Paradise, a 340 plot layout near Marathahalli, Bangalore and Purva Panorama, a 710 unit apartment complex on Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore. Solid Waste Management in

Solid Waste Management: Waste Segregation at Source Video

Inline with our objective of sharing comprehensive information on Solid Waste Management to Apartments in Bangalore, we here share an informative video on Waste Segregation at Source from Namm Bengaluru Foundation on YouTube (the video is in

Poster for Solid Waste Management in Apartments

Here is an attractive poster from RagPcikers on Solid Waste Management that you can use to promote Waste Segrgation by residents of your apartment complex. You can get this printed on A4 size and put it on

Sample Solid Waste Management Template for your Apartment Complex

With the new Waste Segregation rules to be implemented by BBMP from Oct 1st 2012, most apartment communities in Bangalore are rushing to implement new processes for the Waste Management in thier respective societies. In order to

List of Dry Waste Collection Centres in Bangalore

With BBMP mandating Waste Segregation at source from Oct 1st 2012 in Bangalore, we at ApnaComplex have compiled a list of Dry Waste Collection Centres with information available on internet for your reference: Organization Name / Address