In an apartment complex, the garden and lawn is commonly owned by all the flat owners. Sometimes, because of this shared ownership, these areas get neglected. However, when the Managing Committee can take an active interest in the landscaping and upkeep of the common garden areas, a beautiful garden can be made for the apartment.

If there is enough space in your apartment complex, you can have a beautiful lawn which not only compliments the building but also be a place where you can sit and relax in the evenings. Some of the points to keep in mind while growing a lawn are:

Getting professional help

The managing committee must appoint a gardener to help in maintaining the garden. When planting the lawn, it is a good idea to get it done by a professional. Choose a right time for sowing the lawn, such as before the rainy season. 

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Involvement of all the residents

It is also necessary for the residents to take part in the upkeep of the garden. It is important to circulate certain basic rules such as- people should not pluck flowers from the flower beds, there should be no littering in the garden, and people should not walk on the lawns with shoes on.

You can also organize a community gardening session, where all the residents get together to plant flowers, trees, and water the lawn. ots with flowering plants such as rose, table rose, and gladioli will add more color and vibrancy to your garden. And it will be an enjoyable activity where all the residents can get together and enjoy themselves.

Watering the lawn

A lawn needs just the right amount of water, too much or too less would damage the lawn. So it is necessary that you take special care while watering the lawn. All lawns require different amount of water. Some of the indicators for the amount of water needed are:

  • The ability of the soil to absorb water
  • Root depth of the grass. (Watering depth needs to be slightly greater than the root depth).
  • Nature of the soil.
  • The variety of grass that you have planted.
  • The weather conditions.

Water the soil adequately and then stop watering till the soil becomes a little dry. When the grass becomes very weak, that is, when your footprints show when walking on the lawn- you need to water the lawn. During summer months, if there is water shortage, use grey water to water the plants and the lawn.

Mowing or clipping the lawn

The lawn needs to be mowed regularly and the weeds must be removed constantly. The residents can also help out by removing weeds from the lawn and trimming it on holidays. During summer months, don’t mow or clip the grass too short. It is better to leave the grass a little longer, to have a thick lawn. During the winter season, it is advisable to clip the grass a little shorter.

You can leave the grass clippings on the lawn, as this acts as a natural fertilizer and is a very good source of nitrogen.

Aerating and seeding the lawn

After a period of time, the soil on which the grass grows becomes very compact. This reduces the oxygen available to the roots and prevents the roots from growing deep. So, at least once a year, during winters, you should get your lawn aerated. Aerating loosens the soil, making more oxygen available to the grass roots. This will result in healthier grass in the spring month. You can rake the bare patches of the lawn, where the grass is very thin, and plant new seeds. This procedure, called seeding, is also done during the winter months.

All lawns need good fertilizers

Fertilize the lawn every season, so that the grass is healthy and the roots remain strong. Organic fertilizers are a better and more eco friendly option than chemical fertilizers. Avoid using pesticides and insecticides, as they also kill the bacteria and other living things in the soil, some of which might be beneficial to the plant. Pesticides should be used cautiously and only when necessary.

An attractive and well maintained lawn will increase the value of your apartment. So follow the above steps, and have a lawn, which is an asset for the entire gated community.

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