Apartment complexes can now throw all physical notice boards out of the window, thanks to the advent of apartment management software like ApnaComplex!

The Old School Model

Apartment notice boards have been used in all apartment complexes in order to keep all residents aware of the latest developments and events. But with the sudden explosion in the size of many apartment complexes and escalating structures, notice boards can hardly serve their original purpose now.

Moreover, people these days are held up with countless responsibilities, so much so that even performing a small task like visiting the notice board can eat up a significant portion of their time. In the age of instant communication, relying on age old techniques such as this will solve no definite purpose. Apartment management software comes with a solution for this.

Remove the clutter with ApnaComplex

Remove the clutter with ApnaComplex

Virtual Notice Boards

With the arrival of apartment management software, the entire concept of keeping people updated has taken a huge turn. Virtual notice boards are now available through such software, and these will help you keep track of all occurrences and events within the apartment complex.

  • Virtual notice boards display all notices in a single screen, in very small snippets that can be enlarged by choice
  • Notices in virtual notice boards can be split into multiple categories to ensure there is no clutter.
  • Administrators can post notices that contain information or guidelines for residents to follow.
  • There are notices that are put up by residents who are looking to buy/sell items and indulge in other commercial activity.
  • Notices come inbuilt with an expiry date that is set as default, and they will expire soon as this time is reached. This way, the notice board will not get cluttered with old notices.
  • The notice board can also be integrated with electronic mails, and notices that come up in the board will be detected and sent as a notification to your mail inbox.
  • Critical / Emergency Notices can be sent as SMS as well as posted on the notice board. The applications in apartment management software are all thus interconnected.
  • Notices pertaining to accounts, expense reports and pending dues can be immediately posted up on the notice board with the click of a button. The process is very easy when compared to other traditional methods.
  • You will also be able to easily respond to notices, and the author of the notice will be duly informed about the same.

These are a few advantages of using virtual notices through apartment management software. These are gaining popularity over conventional notices mainly due to their usability and the convenience they offer.

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