Living in an apartment complex is all about learning to co-exist with other residents and sharing common facilities. There are many perks to living in an apartment complex, but things tend to go sore when the issue of noise comes in.

This is a problem that residents in all apartment complexes face at some point of time or the other. The problem is simple – you may enjoy listening to your favorite music through the brand new set of subwoofers that you paid through your nose for – but what’s the guarantee that your neighbors will take it lightly?

What You Shouldn't Do In Your Apartment

What You Shouldn't Do In Your Apartment

When it comes to noise levels, there are no clear cut boundaries that can be effectively drawn. This can particularly come true when you organize a party for some special occasion. All will be fine until the gentle hum of conversation turns into a clamor as soon as the party starts heating up. So where do you draw the line when it comes to noise?

You need to take the right approach when it comes to dealing with sound levels in an apartment complex. There are three points that you can follow, and these have been given below.

Take the Right Perspective

Taking the right perspective can help you tackle the problem effectively. Put yourself in the shoes of your neighbors for an instant and try and judge the situation from a third person’s point of view. Dealing with the situation in this way can help you figure out how much noise is acceptable and how much is not.

Inform Them Beforehand

Make sure that you inform your neighbors and other residents that you’re having a party well in advance. You can do this by using the common notice board or by using your profile in your apartment complex management software. This doesn’t give you an excuse to turn on the decibels, but it will help them prepare for the same. Also, organize your parties during late evening so that you don’t disturb your neighbors late at night.

Soundproof Your House

There are many accessories that you can use to soundproof your house and ensure that the noise doesn’t emanate through the thin walls and floor. This is a good idea, and it can help you a lot in keeping the sound levels down. Use items that absorb sound, like carpets. Never opt for wooden floors, as these reflect sound. You can also use large and heavy rugs on the floors so that most of the noise is absorbed.

You can use wall hangings or curtains to soundproof your walls. These accessories can serve as great options for interior design, while taking care of the noise in the process. You can block out outside noise from coming in with the use of these wall hangings, and the curtains will also help in keeping excess sunlight out.  

Sound systems that are placed near the wall can negate the purpose of having wall hangings and curtains. Ensure that you place these away from the walls, and always use headphones whenever possible. This way you can enjoy your music without disturbing the other residents.

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