If you’re trying to find ways to beat the heat and stay cool in your housing society during the summer, there are many simple methods you can opt for. These lifestyle changes are easy to implement, and they can be followed by every resident in the housing society.

Staying cool during summer in a housing society 

Wear Light Cloths

Wear light natural fabrics like cotton, as these are made especially for the Indian summer. Make sure they are light colored too as dark colors absorb heat and can make you sweat. Summer is the time you can buy and flaunt bouncy colors like orange and cyan, so get a vibrant wardrobe.

Open the Windows

If there’s a cool breeze blowing, open the window to let it in. A housing society will be a well planned structure, so that the breeze travels in an even manner through every building. All you need to do is throw open the windows (for cross ventilation), pull down the mosquito nets and turn on the ceiling fan, which will regulate the air flow.

Use Ventilators

Ventilators are a must in every household, mainly in the kitchen. The last thing you want during the summer is cooking vapors hanging around the house, making you sweaty. Ventilators can keep the stuffy air out and let the cool air in.

Drink Fluids

Remember, your body dehydrates quickly in warm weather. So, drink a lot of water and fresh juices regularly, whenever you can. Carry a bottle of water along with you wherever you go, so that you remain hydrated properly.

Soak Your Shirts

If there is no cool breeze and you have worked up a sweat, you can try this one out. If you can stand it, soak your shirt in water (avoid cold water) wring it out and put it on. Now switch on the fan and sit under it. If your shirt dries up, soak it again. Keep the windows open while doing this or otherwise, the rising vapors from your shirt will increase the humidity.

Use Sunscreen and Hats

Wearing sunscreen can help you keep your skin normal, and you can pick out some hats for the summer too. Hats can keep you cool while serving as great fashion accessories.

Cool Your Body

Let cold water run over your wrists for a few seconds. This can make you feel cooler. You can also fill a tub with cold water and plop your feet in it. Once your feet get cold, you probably will too. Soak a handkerchief in cold water; wring it out and place it on the back of your neck, and this is one proven measure that works well. Take frequent baths during hot days, as a cold shower can do wonders.

Use Your Housing Society Pool

If your housing society has a pool, use it. It will be a great summer hangout, and you can cool down in the water while striking up a conversation with the other residents in the housing society.

Staying cool through the hot days of summer can be challenging. Find some fun ideas to beat the heat. Remember to take lots of drinks during summer, to prevent your body from getting dehydrated.

By the way, if you have pets, do realize they will feel the heat too. Trim your dog’s coat. Keep them supplied with fresh water, and if they are outside, make sure that cool shady areas are available where they can lie down to escape the heat.

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