The kitchen is undoubtedly the most important part of a housing society flat. In a housing society, depending on the complex, kitchens maybe fully furnished or partially furnished, with modular kitchens et al.Organizing your kitchen

Whatever may be the case, you can implement these helpful pointers in order to maintain an organized kitchen because a well functioning kitchen leads to a happier and healthier family life.

  • Observe Cleanliness All the Way

To maintain a perfectly functional kitchen you should keep in mind that the first thing to do is to make sure complete cleanliness and hygiene is followed within the kitchen.

Food wastes should be disposed off as soon as possible, because otherwise the waste bin will witness rotting and serve as a growing habitat for bacteria and fungus, leading to the spread of food borne diseases.

  • Maintain All Utensils and Cutlery

It is of utmost importance in every kitchen that each and every utensil used for cooking and the cutlery used for serving should be completely cleaned after usage for hygienic purposes. The upkeep of these utensils is also important because many problems such as rusting, coating, drying and melting can affect the quality of food prepared.

  • Assign Specific Spots for All Items

To ensure that you have an organized kitchen, you must keep different food products in designated areas of the kitchen. For example, separate shelves and areas must be provided for dry foods, grains, spices, fresh fruits and vegetables, meats and preserved foods.

Each type of food also requires a particular optimal temperature to ensure that the food is in perfect condition. Generally, meats and most preservatives are ideally stored at a cooler temperature. You can place dry food items in Tupperware containers, neatly tucked away in cabinets.

  • Store Items by Frequency of Use

There are some kitchen appliances or utensils which you may tend to use more often than others. Ensure that your everyday dishes are placed on lower shelves which are easily accessible, while your fancy cutlery is placed on higher shelves.

Aprons, dish towels and gloves can be conveniently hung at a safe distance from the stove. While organizing your cookbooks, ensure that you save a small open space on one of the shelves. You must keep in mind that cookbooks can get easily exposed to grease from the stove or fridge if kept too close.

  • Create a Cooking Space

While organizing your kitchen, make sure that you designate a special zone for cooking. This zone should usually be centered on the stove. Pots and pans should be stored in close range near this area. Stirring utensils, egg beaters and other cooking tools can be neatly placed in a container near the stove.

  • Other Storage Tips

It can be extremely helpful to store snacks and fruits in see-through baskets or containers. While storing cutlery, use dividers to organize vessels of different sizes and purposes. If you want to save a little storage space, hanging heavy utensils such as pots and pans will do the trick.

In order to maintain a clean and organized kitchen, housing society residents can take note of these simple pointers and spread awareness about the growing need for cleanliness in a kitchen. The key to an organized kitchen is arranging utensils in such a way that there is maximum storage space, making it easy to move around and work efficiently.

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