We are happy to release a major enhancement to our unique offering of Staff Attendance Tracking integrated with Bio-metric finger print readers.

All along our attendance reports were “day based” where the attendance calculations were based on a calander day. Due to this administrators had to manually adjust the attendance records of staff who worked in night shifts.

In a Housing Society, the security and maintenance staff rarely stick to a ‘pre-defined’ schedule of shifts and the staff keeps randomly chaging over making it very difficult for staff supervisors to identify records that need to be changed for night shifts.

With the new enhancements released,

  • Staff Administrators can easily track the attendance of the staff working in Night Shifts where the IN time and OUT time are across different dates with out any manual changes to the attendance data.
  • It is common for staff to work continuous shifts and take a day off when shift changeover happens. With this enhancement the reporting automatically takes into consideration and gives the ‘Total working hours’ in a given date range.
  • For any manual inserts or updation of a attendance record, the attendance tracking tool smartly converts the rest of the records of that user with appropriate IN/OUT.
  • Any consecutive INs/OUTs are highlighted for the admin to rectify.

Visit Directory->Maintenance Staff->Attendance Summary to see the new reports and new calculations. You can also see the link the old report, should you have a need.

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