Who says you have to break the bank and completely renovate your house to get the most value while selling or renting it out? A few fixes and a couple of minor changes can greatly increase property value of your house.

Here Are A Few Ways To Increase Property Value Of Your House

Clear Away Clutter

De-clutter your home to allow your buyers or tenants to feel free as they walk around your house visualizing their things in the rooms. Give away or dispose your old clothes, books, papers, appliances, toys, art and other unwanted items. Pack the rest in boxes and store them in the attic.

A Fresh Coat Of Paint

The best thing you could do to add value to your house is to give it a fresh coat of paint. Select light neutral colors, and stay away from dark shades as they make the rooms look smaller. Do not forget to paint the exterior too as your buyers or tenants will be seeing the outside first. After painting, leave your walls bare by not re-hanging too many of your old photo frames or art pieces.

Spic And Span Floors

Clean your floors until they shine. Replace old and worn out carpets and rugs. Buff and polish hardwoods. Do not replace flooring as the buyer might most probably have different tastes. For damaged vinyl floors put down some vinyl stick-on squares in light colors to make them less distracting.

Tidy Up The Curb

Cleaning up your curb is a sure way to attract more buyers or tenants. Replace your old mailbox, put up new street, clean the windows, and get the front door polished. Trim any shrubs that are unruly, mow your lawn, and remove unwanted objects from your yard such as tools or construction materials. You could add a pot of flowers by the front door or plants flowering plants along the walk. Don’t forget to wash your driveway and the walk.

Cabinets And Closets

Your prospective buyers/tenants are very likely to inspect all the cabinets and closets. Make sure the doors are well oiled and function smoothly. Paint or polish your cabinet doors. Use white or other light neutral colors. Do not forget to replace or polish the hardware too. Use simple and relatively modern hardware like brushed nickel.

Install New Lighting

Replace any damaged or old fashioned lighting fixtures. Go for energy efficient lighting throughout the house, and increase the wattage in dark rooms.  You want your buyers or tenants to see your house more clearly. A well lit room shows that you are transparent in your dealings as you have nothing to hide about the house.

Energy Efficient House

Upgrade your appliances to newer energy-efficient ones. Go green by installing a solar water heater if you have unobstructed sunlight throughout the year. For electric heaters, switch to tankless water heaters as there are more eco-friendly and cost-effective. Replace all outdated, loud, or broken ceiling fans as they can be an eyesore.

A small investment in changes such as these can make your house more appealing to prospective buyers, and bring in more revenue to you as well.

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