Renovation or modification work often involves hiring skilled laborers for getting specific jobs done, such as carpentry, cementing, painting and electrical works. Having to rely entirely on the laborers leaves a home owner clueless in most circumstances. Here are a few suggestions and tips to help you effectively manage the laborers working on your construction projects.

Common Questions That Most People Have Regarding Laborers

1.     Where do I find laborers, and how do I approach them?

Laborers seldom have a hiring agency where you can go and contract the desired labor. You will most probably have to ask around and see if any of your friends, relatives or acquaintances knows any laborers that they have worked with before. Another possible way to source labor is to visit construction sites and ask the contractor or supervisor if they know of any laborers who would be willing to work on your project.

2.     How many laborers do I need to get the job done?

It is a bad idea to ask your laborers how many of them you would need to complete the job. It’s essential that you have a fair idea about the work that needs to be done and the amount of labor it would require. You need to be able to set down a definite number of workers or you’ll be scammed into hiring excess labor at your expense.

3.     For how long do I need the laborers, and how do I fix the remuneration?

Laborers work on time schedules and charge by the hour or by the day. You need to work out the timelines before you begin searching for laborers. Be realistic, yet firm on the deadline. Regarding remuneration, it’s best if you spoke to different laborers or people you know who have recently hired laborers and enquire about the average pay. The cheapest laborers may not necessarily be the best. Go for the ones who promise to meet your deadlines and yet charge reasonably. Make sure you settle the payment policy beforehand, i.e., hourly or daily rates, payment schedule and advance amount.

4.     What is the most effective way to communicate with them?

Communication is very vital for the success of any endeavor. Most laborers will be migrants from other states. Not being able to communicate with them will result in frustrations and unnecessary delays. Make sure you hire labors who speak a language that you are familiar with. Also, ensure that all the laborers speak a common language so that the work goes on smoothly among them.

5.     How should I handle or supervise the work that they do?

Be polite and patient with your laborers. The worst thing you could possibly do is to drive them away with your anger or persistent interference in their work. Give them precise orders and let it to them to finish the job. Losing your temper and yelling at them won’t make them do their job better.

The key to successfully completing your construction project is to effectively manage your laborers. Communication and team work are more likely to work than dictatorship and highhandedness.

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