Storage PlanA crammed up cabinet, inaccessible attics or bursting basements can be your nemesis if you are inefficient at managing your house storage system. Many people yearn for a bigger space or larger quarters when they feel their storage space is being suffocated with more items.Moving into a bigger space is not the only solution to crammed places. Storage issues have the bread and dough quality: they increase and occupy the entire volume of the container and create a sticky mess over the sides of the container. A perfect house storage plan is needed to put things in their right place. It will need some time to implement the ABC plan for storage management, but it should re-invent your place.

  • A – Assessment
  • B – Box and Banish; and
  • C – Control and Corral

The Assessment

Start figuring out all the things that you have and where should they fit in. In order to put all that in place, you have to assess your household storage possibilities and the storage needs of your family. Take an hour off your working time and make an assessment by formulating two lists.

First, check the area from the attic to the cellar and make a list of everything you want to store ‑ small or large. The space above the shelves and beneath the beds and storage spots in the backyard ‑ every place needs to be figured out.

Second, list out all the items that need to be stored. Importantly, list down all the items you need to store in your household such as seasonal décor items, clothing, sporting goods, household file archives, hospitality supplies, hardware and tools and original packaging of the items you had bought.

Banish and Box

You can store the seasonal decoration items under the furniture or on shelves and mark it. Similarly, during summers, you can store all the woolen clothes under your bed or in the cupboards. The new loft-styled beds have a lot of drawers and storage places which are hidden. These can be made use of by storing quilts and other warm clothes.

There are a lot of furniture items that have secret storage and can store many items. You can use large furniture to divide a large room into two such as a utensil cupboard for separating the kitchen into a dining hall and cooking space.

Corral and Control

To store most of the stuff, buy plastic air tight containers with lids so that most of the items do not become damp or develop a bad odor. Maintain a color coding to sort out things; this will make things easier to find when you are in a hurry. Cardboard boxes can be used to store old clothes and other memorabilia, and they can be kept above the furniture and shelves. You can buy a movable rack or hanger and attach it behind doors to save space.

You will be delighted to find that the space of the house has increased after you have completed the above-mentioned steps.

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