Organizing kite festival celebrations in your housing society can be a lot of fun. However, mishaps and loss of lives during the kite flying festival have often been reported in the press. It therefore makes sense to draw up a list of safety precautions and ensure that these are strictly followed during the kite festival celebrations at your apartment complex.

Safety Measures During Kite Festival Celebrations

(i) Children love to fly kites from terraces and roof tops. While this may be exciting, the element of danger increases. There have been several reported instances when people flying kites from terraces and roof tops have lost their balance and toppled over. So before the festival gets off to a start, draw up some ground rules. One option is to ban flying kites from roof tops and terraces. The second option is to appoint two or three people to patrol the roof tops, especially the areas where children are flying kites. They can keep an eye to ensure that the kids do not venture too close to the edge of the terraces.

(ii) The second danger during the kite flying festival comes from the manja that is used. Every often, the manja is manufactured using plastic and ground glass in order to give it a cutting edge. Sadly enough, these manjas have been responsible for killing people as they are sharp enough even to slash throats. Given the danger involved, specify the kind of manjas that can be used during the kite festival. Circulate the specifications well in advance so that people can buy the right kind of manja.

Kite Festival

(i) One of the problems with the kite festival is that it causes havoc among birds. Several birds fly right into the path of the kites and are severely injured. One way to avoid this is to adjust the timings of the kite flying festival. Make sure that residents of the apartment complex do not fly kites early in the morning or at dusk as this is the time when birds are very active. Again, a bit of advance planning and sufficient notice will ensure the co-operation of all the residents.

(ii) The kite festival may see the influx of visitors to the apartment complex as residents may invite their friends and relatives. Make sure that all of them are bonafide guests and not trouble makers trying to sneak in. Alert the security and instruct them to get verification from the residents concerned before allowing any strangers into the complex. Make alternate parking arrangements to ensure that the visitors’ cars do not create a traffic jam in the locality.

(iii) Make arrangements to deal with any medical emergencies that may arise. Have a doctor on call and keep one vehicle and driver on standby at all times.

(iv) The end of the kite flying festival can leave your apartment complex littered with broken and torn kites. These are not just unseemly but can also be a fire hazard. Make a plan regarding garbage clearance and implement it as soon as the festivities are over.

With a few basic precautions, you can organize a safe kite festival in your apartment complex.

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