In the last decade alone, there has been a sharp rise in the number of gated societies in the country. To help these societies manage their operations, society management apps have also cropped up and today, there are too many to count.

But then, how many of these apps actually have the support, bandwidth, and experience to cater to all the needs of gated communities?

In this article, we bring you the top five unique features of ApnaComplex that cannot be found in any other society management software. Read on to know more about these features!

Prepaid Meter

The ApnaComplex app allows you to integrate your society’s prepaid meter with the app. Using a prepaid meter, you can automatically get an accurate reading of the usage of the resources which will be reflected on the ApnaComplex app. This will help you optimise the usage of the resources and help conserve them.

N Format Balance Sheet

Form N is a Profit & Loss A/C and Balance Sheet format for Housing and Co-operative Societies under the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act.

ApnaComplex is the only app that offers this format for auditing purposes along with hundreds of other audit-ready reports.

QR Code Asset Tracking

ApnaComplex allows you to track complaints against assets, their maintenance dues, AMCs, and much more by simply scanning the QR-code attached to the asset using the app.

This is a lot more comprehensive, and since every detail is available in a single place, the admin doesn’t have to sift through tens and hundreds of documents to find asset-related documents.

Budget Variance Report

Using ApnaComplex, the management can effortlessly draw a budget for their society and keep track of it. The Budget Variance Report helps you keep an eye on your expenditures. If you have overspent or are close to overspending the report will indicate the same. This will help you to spend your society’s budget judiciously.

Water Tanker Monitor

Water shortage is one of the biggest concerns in Societies in major cities. Therefore, judicious usage of water is a necessity. The Water Tanker monitor allows the management to efficiently track the water consumption and charge residents according to their usage. This also plays a vital role in preserving the water.

Apart from the above five features, ApnaComplex offers comprehensive solutions for gated communities including Billing & Accounting, Facility Management, Helpdesk, Security and more.

These features are tailor-made for managing gated communities and have undergone constant modifications after taking feedback from several Management Committee Members. This makes ApnaComplex the perfect solution for gated communities.

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