Effectively managing a community’s gate is quite a task indeed. Large communities that are in the middle of bustling streets always have visitors and residents entering and exiting the community. Given this, an impeccable security system must be in place to track every visitor and vehicle entering the building.

ApnaComplex’s Gatekeeper/Gate Management solution will certainly provide all the security you ask for, nevertheless, deploying tools that leverage the best of technology in addition to ApnaComplex will give the perfect security solution your society deserves.

In this article, we share the importance of installing boom barriers in gated communities and how they can effectively help keep track of visitors/vehicles entering and leaving the society.

Understanding Boom Barriers

While visiting some societies or a mall, you would have noticed a horizontal bar (usually in red and white) moving up and down to allow/deny vehicles after issuing or collecting parking tickets. That is exactly a boom barrier.

This device is used solely to control and regulate pedestrian and vehicular movement and offers additional security to the premises. Of late, boom barriers are integrated with gated communities as well.

The increasing demand for boom barriers among housing societies

Societies today want to secure their premises absolutely and having boom barriers and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) vehicle tags allows them to keep track of vehicles and visitors entering and leaving the building.

Since the functioning of a boom barrier is automated and it can efficiently track vehicle and visitor entry and parking, it is one of the best tools to deploy for foolproof visitor and gate management.

In the long run, boom barriers are cost-efficient, can be effortlessly maintained and operated, and are the best solution for managing visitors and vehicles inside gated communities. 

Benefits of having a boom barrier inside societies

Below, we are sharing a handful of benefits of installing a boom barrier.

Approved entries only

With boom barriers in place, only vehicles that have RFID tags provided by the society can enter the building and have access to the gate. Vehicles that do not have RFID tags will be denied entry, at least, until they have authorised approval. This makes boom barriers a very effective tool in curbing the entry of unauthorised vehicles.

Entry and exit of vehicles automated

Boom barriers are automated and the vehicles entering a society are pre-approved, thereby making monitoring of vehicles an effortless task. Residents’ and visitors’ vehicles are differentiated, for the latters’ vehicles are approved manually after taking permission from the residents. This directly adds additional security to a society.

Contactless entry

Boom barriers pave the way for contactless vehicle approval which can be a great benefit, especially in this world post-COVID. The system automatically collects details of the vehicles entering and the approvals are done digitally ensuring that there is no need for the security to be in close proximity to the vehicle unless absolutely necessary. Here, boom barriers not only add security but also ensure that there is very minimal contact between staff and visitors.

Fool-proof security checks

Boom barriers offer the highest level of gate security a society can ask for since they are operated via biometric sensors, remote controls, and/or push buttons. This technology prevents impostors from breaking in, and the digitally-integrated system offers efficient entry and exit security checks.


Boom barriers are now becoming popular among the residents of gated communities, developers, and gated community management systems for their fool-proof security. They can cost between ₹40,000 to ₹60,000, and the installation can go up to ₹90,000.

For larger societies that see considerable traffic and footfall, boom barriers will come in handy in controlling vehicle movement and the overall cost is also negligible if we see it in the long run.  

ApnaComplex and boom barrier integration

Residents’ safety, security, and privacy are of utmost importance to ApnaComplex and we do everything in our power to ensure that. Our system is integrated with boom barriers enabled by RFID and can effortlessly be installed in your society for effective gate management.

To have this technology installed and to simplify your society’s management, visit apnacomplex.com or schedule a free demo