On the 14th and 15th of June, NTPC (National Thermal Power Corporation Limited) in affiliation with Apollo Reach Hospital, Karimnagar, conducted a COVID vaccination drive in an NTPC Township situated at Ramagundam, 225 kilometers from Hyderabad.

In its quest to protect its employees and their families from COVID 19, NTPC Ramagundam has taken up this initiative and has vaccinated nearly 500 of its employees, including their families who are residing in the Ramagundam Township.

The drive could not be any smoother, thanks to the smart implementation of the ApnaComplex application by the Township’s Committee Administrator Srinivas Thotakuri, who is also the Deputy Manager (IT) of NTPC, Ramagundam plant.

Speaking about the success of the drive, Srinivas said, “the ApnaComplex application was extremely useful in mobilising the employees and their families.  Using the ‘Booking Calendar’ feature under ‘Facilities’ in ApnaComplex app, we designed the slots based on the resources available like the availability of manpower and the venue to conduct this drive”.

The ApnaComplex App also played a pivotal role in limiting the number of people gathering for vaccination. Speaking about this, Srinivas added, “We created a total of 10 slots through ApnaComplex, and in each slot, only 20-25 people were allowed to book. In this way, we ensured the venue did not overcrowd. The employees were also notified about the timings via ApnaComplex notification feature”.

Each slot was scheduled for half an hour and by the end of the day, 250 people were vaccinated, and by the second day, NTPC had vaccinated 500 of its employees and their family member.

Srinivas further said that not only he but other employees and residents were also happy with how ApnaComplex helped them carry out this vaccination drive smoothly.

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