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Housing Society Knowhow – RWH Guidelines in Bangalore

Rain Water Harvesting (RWH) has been made mandatory for every housing society and independent household, and in order to ensure that your housing society is following the norms specified by the government, you’ll have to understand the

Housing Society Knowhow – Preparing Your House for the Monsoon

The smell of wet earth and the feel of a light drizzle on your face during the monsoon can seem very appealing indeed. Rain in India comes as a welcome relief after stiflingly hot weather, but the

Housing Society Knowhow – Waterproof Paints and How to Choose Them

Waterproof paints are gaining popularity both as interior as well as exterior painting options. These paints are good options through which you can add protection to the walls and give a good finish to a building in

Housing Society Knowhow – Monsoon Tips for Ground Floor Residents

Monsoon in India is always unpredictable, and the intensity of showers may vary greatly from place to place, with time. While the heavy rains might not create much havoc in a well planned housing society that has

Housing Society Knowhow – Keeping the Rain Gutters Clean

Rain gutters are used to direct rain water away from the building. If you ignore the gutters in your housing society building and allow them to get clogged, the rain water will overflow beyond a point and