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5 Ways To Decide On A New Year Resolution That Doesn’t Need Work

It’s that time of the year when almost everyone around you is coming up with ways of making the incoming year more productive. Some people have been planning their new year resolutions since the latter half of the year. Piling on one promise after another with a failed attempt at each is not the way to go, is it? Well, ApnaComplex is happy to lend a helping hand. Here are 5 easy new year resolutions in case you haven’t got on to the ‘change is good’ wagon yet. Trust us, these are more helpful than you’d know.


  • Save water –

With all the global warming signs getting bigger and bigger, doing your bit for the planet will only make you feel good about the next year. Tracking water usage levels and avoiding water wastage is one option. ApnaComplex provides you with Water Monitor, a water tracking app that allows you to track the volume of water being used by your society. A plus point is that it tracks the billing as per water usage too. Find out more about Water Monitor here.

new year resolution


  • Avoid preventable theft –

This one leans towards those who have faced theft issues in the past. Why offer a chance when there doesn’t have to be one? One aspect of this problem is vehicle theft. ApnaComplex’s solution to that is Vehicle Sentry, a vehicle tracking system that lets you stay aware of your vehicle’s whereabouts. Know more about Vehicle Sentry here.

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  • Family safety –

For all those who believe that safety in any form can never be enough, ApnaComplex has Gatekeeper, a visitor tracking app. Gatekeeper lets you know about your visitor beforehand and lets you verify their entry. Be aware of who knocks on your door. Stay alert with Gatekeeper here.

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  • Spend less –

Everyone can cash in on this new year resolution. Spending less is never an idea that is unwelcome. One way of going about with this is by holding less change in your pockets and using cashless services. Collection Gateway by ApnaComplex is another such service that lets you pay maintenance dues via NEFT or RTGS. Here’s why Collection Gateway should be your new year resolution this year.

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  • Make lives easier –

Why not have an easy management system in place for those who work hard at settling the books in your society? Get some good karma under your belt by getting ApnaComplex for your society. Keep track of reminders, bill and maintenance payments and vendors of your society in a more automated manner. This is one of the most easiest ways of fulfilling a new year resolution, don’t you think?

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So, this time, let’s all make a promise to ourselves to move forward with the new year resolutions we choose. Good luck chasing the new life!

Ushering In A New Year – Precautionary Measures That An Apartment Association Can Set

New Year celebrations are great events in every apartment complex, and it’s always the duty of the apartment association to ensure that the party goes on in a safe manner. It’s that time of the year when people wrap up a year’s worth of work and put on their party hats to celebrate endlessly throughout the last week of December.

This is one of the perks of living in an apartment complex, because you’ll get to meet all the other residents and socialize with them during such events. While all residents can keep themselves busy by sharing the responsibilities involved in organizing the New Year party, the members of the managing committee in an apartment association can take precautionary measures to ensure that the party goes on without any hiccups. 

It's Time To Turn On The Celebrations!

It's Time To Turn On The Celebrations!

Some safety measures that an apartment association can take to celebrate Christmas and New Year parties in a safe way are:

Proper Planning

Any great party needs to be properly planned for it to be a success. Having a haphazard party with the events progressing in a chaotic manner can be very disheartening, and it’s the duty of the apartment association to frame a solid plan and to ensure that things move smoothly. Many responsibilities come along with planning, and these have been listed below.

  • The number of persons attending the event should be properly calculated.
  • Once this number is set, the apartment association should ensure that enough food and drinks are ordered for everyone.
  • The apartment association should decide whether residents can bring along guests. This issue may bring along more complications like parking space for guests, and these issues should also be taken care of.
  • The apartment association should ensure that the party starts at a fixed time and ends at a fixed time in a bid to not cause public nuisance.
  • The sound systems used should be played within the specified decibel levels so that there’s no noise pollution.  

Limited Alcohol

No party is complete without alcohol, but the amount of alcohol served should be minimal. This way, guests of residents can drive home in a safe, and people can have fun without getting drunk and clumsy. It is always important to avoid any unnecessary complications that might rise due to drunken behavior, and keeping a tab on the alcohol served can help in this regard.

Fire Safety

The threat of a fire breaking out is always high in a party where people hardly pay attention to what’s going on around them. The apartment association should take steps to keep the candles and other flammable materials minimal, and steps should also be taken to keep all fabrics away from such candles.

Proper Equipment

Fire extinguishers should always be kept at the ready and first aid kids should also be stored in a nearby place. It’s also wise to hold fire drills a day before the event so that all residents can evacuate the party scene immediately if anything untoward happens.

ApnaComplex is a web based apartment management software. It is designed to make the life of residents and owners a lot better by brining in more transaparency and accountability in manging the complex. Sign up your complex today and get the benefits!

This article aims at collating and providing information for benefit of ApnaComplex customers and blog readers. While ApnaComplex has taken every care to ensure the information is accurate, we suggest to please use it only as a guidance for further discussion and action with help of relevant professionals. If you need professional advise on this topic and any other property related matters, please send your request through our contact us form. You may post your questions/inputs in the Comments section below and we will try and get them answered through relevant subject matter experts.