Lifestyle integration with ANACITY

Lifestyle Integration: How ANACITY is Improving the Liveability Index in Gated Communities

What makes a premium gated community? Other than the physical infrastructure, today a premium gated community is defined by the availability of facilities and amenities. Most property buyers expect well-maintained premises with facilities like a fully-equipped clubhouse. Consequently, many developers now spend lakhs on building and running these facilities. 

But as lifestyle amenities become important, are developers leveraging technology to ease resident access? How are they further facilitating the lifestyle of their residents through additional services? ANACITY offers lifestyle integrations through an award-winning app-based SaaS platform. It digitally transformas developer gated communities, easing resident access to lifestyle and wellness amenities. 

What is global liveability index? 

The Global Liveability Index is issued by the Economist Intelligence Unit to quantify the challenges presented to an individual’s lifestyle and standard of living in 173 cities worldwide. Indian cities have fared poorly on the index, with Delhi and Mumbai coming in at 141 in 2023, followed by Chennai (144), Ahmedabad (147), and Bengaluru (148).

While we cannot overcome some of the systematic challenges of our cities, gated communities have gone a long way in improving the livability index of residents. Premium facilities and well-maintained infrastructure are designed to support their physical health, social life, and promote a more pleasant living environment. 

ANACITY takes this further through lifestyle integrations that ease access, improve asset maintenance, and connect residents to curated healthcare and home services. 

Lifestyle integration with ANACITY

The app-based platform offers the following integrations: 

Clubhouse: ANACITY helps developers to fully integrate their clubhouse. The app enables residents to:

  • Book any facility whether the tennis court or spa
  • Pay online for paid facilities
  • Avoid double-booking any facility
  • Check timings
  • Book a table at the in-house restaurant
  • Check menus at the in-house restaurant

Developers, facility managers, and Resident Welfare Associations can also offer their residents an integrated experience on a single app, creating a seamless experience. 

Household services: Looking for a sofa cleaner? Or are you moving home? ANACITY offers residents a handy app for finding household services like deep cleaning, RO rentals, pest control, and home painting. Users can find different services on the app, as well as compare different offerings, deals, and prices.  

ANACITY also offers hyperlocal businesses an extremely effective tool to reach out to gated communities. To know more, read our article Encouraging Hyperlocal Businesses: How are Gated Communities Making a Difference.

Wellness services: Health and wellness services have seen a tremendous jump in recent years. ANACITY ensures smoother access with direct access from the app. Users can book lab tests and appointments. 

If you want to learn more about our lifestyle integration features, contact us at support@apnacomplex or call 80886 11229.

Smart tenant engagement with ANACITY Business

Why it’s time to Rethink your Tenant Engagement Strategy

The pandemic was a once-in-a-lifetime event with long-lasting impacts on workplace dynamics. Of these, tenant engagement has seen the biggest change. As businesses struggled to bring back employees, the focus shifted towards building a workplace that supports tenant mental health, work-life balance, and personal development. 

Consequently, tenant engagement has emerged as the top focus for workplace administrators, office and facility managers. As a community and tenant management software, ANACITY Business offers them a powerful medium to drive their tenant engagement strategy. 

Rethinking your Tenant Engagement Strategy

Tenant engagement became one of the core principles of commercial real estate management as workplaces became more human-centric. It became a necessary tool to meet their expectations. When leveraged correctly, it leads to healthy workplace relationships and higher work satisfaction. Interestingly, tenant engagement can also be mutually beneficial with improved employee retention. 

In recent years, we have also witnessed a pivot in tenant engagement with the rise of tech and data-driven strategies. The result is a more consistent and personalised approach with higher chances of long-term engagement. The change in tenant engagement strategies was further expedited due to the following factors:

  • Changing tenant expectations
  • Rise of multiple engagement channels, from emails to app notifications
  • Demand for more inclusive workplaces by tenant offices 
  • Multi-layered engagement with multiple touchpoints

Tenant engagement with ANACITY Business

ANACITY Business offers multiple tools for improving and deepening tenant engagement, including:

Tech-driven experience: The average tenant today expects an app-based tech-driven experience. With ANACITY Business, you can build a community, create a seamless work experience, and ensure a human-centric approach. 

Communication: Use the communication module to stay in touch, and inform people about events. 

Sense of ownership: Offer them a say in asset management by swiftly addressing their concerns. Employees can register complaints on the app, track their resolution, and leave feedback. 

Build inclusivity: Create a more inclusive workplace with easy access to facilities. ANACITY Business is designed with the needs of a diverse workforce with tools like Creche View and Carpool. Employees can book meeting rooms, view their child in the creche, and book their ride. 

Frictionless interaction: Every tenant wants seamless and hassle-free interaction with their workplace. ANACITY Business offers employees a digital platform where information is available at their fingertips, approvals are quick, and all reverts are prompt. 

Data-driven decisions: To engage tenants, we have to understand them. ANACITY Business offers multiple channels to gather this data, from facility usage to complaint logs and communication. For instance, feedback on facilities can help us understand if these need more equipment for improved engagement. Similarly, polls, surveys, and feedback can help gather direct insight into tenant expectations. 

If you want to learn more about our tenant engagement tools, get in touch with us at support@apnacomplex or call 80886 11229.

Image with professionals sitting on bean bags and the text, Building a human-centric workspace

People First: Building a Human-Centric Workspace with ANACITY Business

A human-centric workspace puts people at the centre of the business, whether it’s in deciding on strategy or designing a shopfloor layout. It acknowledges the importance of employee physical and mental wellbeing.

As a commercial community and tenant management solution, ANACITY Business is designed to facilitate a human-centric workspace. It empowers facility managers to improve their operational effectiveness while ensuring that employees have access to critical information and services. 

What is a human-centric workspace?

A human-centric workspace is built around the needs of employees. It focuses on creating an inclusive culture that welcomes different ideas and views. Unlike other workplace philosophies, employee wellbeing is the focus and not a strategy to increase profitability. 

The evolution of a human-centric workspace is relatively more recent. In the capitalist-industrial society, the sole focus of a business is towards profits and productivity. The rise of worker unions and associations forced industries to include safety and fair practices. The human-centric workspace takes this further, encompassing employee mental wellbeing and inclusiveness. 

A 7-year research by IBM found that a human-centered organisation 

  • focuses on creating better human experiences
  • builds resilience and de-risks innovation through continuous iteration and learning
  • cares as much about the experience of its diverse, empowered teams as it does about its customers
  • intentionally, actively embeds these principles into the fabric of the organization

People first with ANACITY Business

ANACITY Business offers facility managers an easy-to-use platform that helps them reach out to employees, improve operational efficiency, communicate and collaborate. Read here to find out how it helps facility managers leverage tech to improve work environment.

Improving workplace experiences

A human-centric workspace focuses on creating a positive environment for employees. They should have a conducive work conditions with easy access to amenities. Employees must feel physically and physiologically comfortable in carrying out their daily tasks. 

Large office complexes today spend lakhs in developing a premium workplace experience – from recreational facilities to fully-equipped conference rooms. However, lack of awareness and a cumbersome booking process often hinder people from using these facilities. 

ANACITY Business resolves this challenge by improving access to services at every touchpoint. For instance, employees no longer have to rely on office cards or wait in the lobby. With ANACITY Business’ smart access technology, one can open turnstiles and flap barriers with just a phone scan. Read more ANACITY Business Workplace Visitor Management.

Similarly, they can view and book any facility on the app. This includes amenities like meeting rooms and recreational facilities like an on-campus gym. 

Open communication

Open and transparent communication builds the foundation of a human-centric workspace. However, establishing a communication platform is always a challenge in large commercial complexes. 

The lack of any common messaging platform means that most facility managers rely on notices, emails, or manual calls to establish contact. Notices and emails have limited visibility and are often ignored while individual phone calls can be time-consuming and inefficient. 

ANACITY Business offers a more effective app-based alternative that doubles as the workspace social media. Facility managers and admins can upload notices with maximum and long-term visibility. It also enables intra-office communication. 

Quick complaint resolution

A human-centric workspace prioritises listening to and resolving employee concerns. Complaints like lift breakdowns, broken window panes, or damaged equipment create an unpleasant, demoralising, and suboptimal work environment. Not only does it have a direct impact on employee productivity, it can also lead to unsafe working conditions. 

In contrast, prompt resolution of grievances builds trust and loyalty. An empathetic compliant resolution system helps employees feel valued and respected. Additionally, it also ensures that every breakdown and damage is addressed promptly, thus slowing down the rate of asset depreciation. 

The complaint management module in ANACITY Business centralises complaint tracking. It includes an escalation matrix that bumps all unaddressed complaints to the next supervisory level, ensuring timely resolution. Find out more about Challenges in Workplace Facility Management & How to Resolve these with ANACITY Business

Establishing a feedback loop

One of the principles of a human-centric workspace is to build resilience through continuous iteration and learning. Continuous feedback from employees and office managers is critical in achieving this goal. It helps facility admins and managers to anticipate changing expectations and get honest reviews and suggestions for improvement. 

ANACITY Business offers multiple means for gathering feedback – from surveys and polls to comments on complaint management. The constant feedback loop offers an invaluable opportunity to learn and improve. 

Fostering collaboration

Collaboration is the bedrock of a human-centric workspace. It is also necessary for fostering diversity where each person’s opinion and views are counted. It can lead to closer interactions between different businesses in commercial complexes, office parks, and large workplaces. 

ANACITY Business provides a platform where different businesses and professionals can come together. As an app, it doubles as a search engine where you can reach other professionals or businesses. You can also use the platform to look for resources and information or market your organisation, product, or event.

To learn more, also read our article, 5 Admin Benefits of Workspace Automation with ANACITY Business and How ANACITY Business by ApnaComplex is Revolutionising Workplace Management.

To learn more about ANACITY Business, get in touch with us at support@apnacomplex or call 80886 11229.

Pic with apartment building and a security guard with the text -Tips on enhancing apartment security

Apartment Security 101: Essential Measures to Keep Your Community Safe

Safety is a defining feature of a gated community. Buyers and tenants pay a premium for multi-layered safety measures for apartment security measures. However, relying solely on security personnel is insufficient to ensure a round-the-clock foolproof system. Not only is it inefficient, manual systems are also prone to errors.

As a community automation and security platform, ANACITY offers smart solutions to bridge these gaps. It can be critical in enhancing the safety of the society’s premises, empowering security personnel with digital tools to check entry authorisation as well as track visitors, school buses, and staff entries. 

Secure entry points

One of the fundamental aspects of apartment security is controlling access to the premises. ANACITY secures access through a smart visitor approval system. Entries are allowed only when approved by a resident on the app. This ensures that there are no unauthorised entries. 

To know more, read Society Visitor Management System: Top 7 Features to Look for.

Tracking visitors 

Every gated community sees hundreds of visitors every day. This includes delivery personnel, small vendors, domestic and maintenance staff. Their movement is completely unsupervised once they are inside the premises, which can be a potential security risk.  

ANACITY’s smart visitor management system tracks visitors as well as incoming vehicles, including school buses and cars. Residents are also notified when their visitors leave the premises. They can alert the security if a visitor overstays. This ensures a multi-layered apartment security tracking system.

Surveillance Systems

Implementing surveillance cameras in common areas such as lobbies, parking lots, and recreational spaces serves as a deterrent to potential intruders. But even with the best systems, there are still always blind spots that cameras cannot cover. Hence, camera surveillance is backed by security patrols. However, ensuring guard patrols in blind spots is always a challenge. 

ANACITY backs the guard patrols through a QR-based tracking system. Pre-defined checkpoints with geo-tagged QR codes are scanned by guards on their patrols. The supervisor gets real-time alerts which are also recorded digitally. 

Community engagement

Foster a sense of community vigilance by encouraging residents to look out for one another. Establish a neighborhood watch program for
apartment security with ANACITY’s Communication module. Residents can report suspicious behavior or incidents promptly on the online community platform. It can also be leveraged by the resident association to regularly communicate with residents about security updates, protocols, and crime prevention tips.

Emergency preparedness

Develop and communicate clear emergency protocols to residents, including procedures for evacuations, medical emergencies, and natural disasters. Conduct regular drills to ensure that residents are familiar with these protocols and can respond effectively in a crisis. 

It is equally important to ensure that this information is easily accessible by every resident. ANACITY acts as an information repository where all such data can be easily stored. As an app-based platform, it is easy and quick to access. Other than emergency procedures, it can be used to store and connect with emergency contacts. 

Also read, Our Cities Have a Serious Problem in Disaster Preparedness. How About Gated Communities.

Secure Parking Areas

Parking areas are vulnerable spots for criminal activity, including vehicle break-ins and theft. Install security cameras and adequate lighting in parking lots to deter criminals. Encourage residents to lock their vehicles and avoid leaving valuables in plain sight. 

ANACITY offers a Vehicle Sentry module that tracks vehicles entering or leaving the society. Residents get real-time alerts whenever their vehicle crosses the gates. Thus, it can be critical in minimising any chances of theft. Also read, Forget Visitors, Are you Automating Vehicle Tracking in your Society.

Background checks 

Prioritise apartment security measures by conducting thorough background checks on prospective tenants and staff members. Verify identity, rental history, and criminal records to mitigate potential risks. Additionally, train staff members on security protocols and procedures to ensure a proactive approach to maintaining safety within the complex.

ANACITY eases the processes by simplifying the tenant and staff verification process. The platform is used to upload important documents such as ID proof. As a communication platform, ANACITY is often used by residents to check reviews of domestic staff. 

Secure records 

Gathering information is not enough. It should also be easily retrievable. Visitor and staff data should be accessible when required. Legacy systems relied on paper records for this purpose. However, it is prone to damage or theft. Digital systems like ANACITY are foolproof since these cannot be easily tampered.  

Find out more in our article Digital Visitor Management System: Taking Data Beyond Gate Management

Also read, Worried About Robberies? Here’s What You can Do to Secure Your Society.

In conclusion, apartment security requires a proactive approach that involves implementing a combination of physical measures, community engagement, and preparedness strategies. By prioritising security and fostering a culture of vigilance within the community, ANACITY ensures that residents can enjoy a safe and secure living environment.

If you want to learn more about enhancing apartment security measures, get in touch with us at support@apnacomplex or call 80886 11229.

Visual of a workspace with the text Improving work environment with ANACITY Business

Smart workplaces: Leveraging tech to improve work environment

Multiple studies have proven the long-lasting impact of a positive work environment on employee productivity and mental health. It improves their achievement-striving ability, promotes commitment and loyalty, and enhances task performance. Not only that, it can also help them to recover from difficult situations.

The conversation around work environment has largely been focused on HR policies. However, with the rise of smart workspaces, it is time we included technology as another essential tool. Smart automation solutions like ANACITY Business offer facility managers and employees a unified platform to communicate, collaborate, avail services, and leave feedback.

What is work environment?

Work environment is the physical and social space where individuals perform their jobs. Physical aspects include the infrastructure such as lighting, air-conditioning, and ventilation. The social environment includes growth opportunities, autonomy, communication, supervision and healthy culture. Together, the physical and social environment is critical in ensuring employee productivity, satisfaction, and growth. 

Smart offices & work environment

Technology can hold the key to bringing together a work environment’s physical and social aspects. ANACITY Business offers an app-based platform to help workplace admins create a more congenial work environment. It offers tools that help promote collaboration and communication while leveraging administrative features that simplify workplace management. 

Communication & collaboration

Clear and transparent communication is the backbone of every workplace. Yet, intra-office communication is one of the biggest challenges in workplace community management. While inter-office contact is usually well-established, establishing the same connection between different offices in a commercial complex is nearly impossible. 

ANACITY Business offers admins multiple alternatives to traditional solutions. For instance, a digital notice board is more effective than the traditional alternative since it has a higher visibility. Similarly, the communication module brings together people from different offices on one platform. Admins can also use it to hold surveys and polls. 

Thus, it’s a powerful collaboration tool where people can reach out for information, emergencies, promotion activities, and to hold discussions. As a messaging platform, it also helps in creating a positive environment in the workplace. 

Asset management

Regular asset maintenance with swift and effective complaint management has a vital role to play in maintaining physical infrastructure. This has a direct impact on people’s morale. It ensures that vital infra like HVAC, water supply, and lifts work in optimal conditions. Prompt complaint resolution also leads to higher employee satisfaction as they feel that their problems are addressed.

ANACITY Business asset management module is designed to facilitate maintenance and servicing by providing easy access to data, including service history. Facility managers can also set up a maintenance schedule with reminders. 

Similarly, the complaint management module is designed for swift resolution of issues. Instead of manually calling and following up with the service staff, one can register their complaint on the app. An escalation matrix ensures that unresolved issues are automatically moved to the next supervisory level. It also enables the complainant to check the resolution progress and leave feedback. 

Creche view

Childcare is one of the biggest challenges faced by working parents, particularly mothers. Consequently, many workplaces are now offering more parent-friendly workplaces with in-campus childcare facilities. ANACITY Business can be synced with the campus childcare centres. The app can thus, offer working parents a real-time view of the creche. 


Now, you can carpool from within the campus with the ANACITY Business app. Carpooling not only benefits daily commuters, it is also good for the environment. At a time when many employers are struggling to get their employees back to the office, carpooling can act as a gentle nudge. 

Food ordering 

There is little doubt that food delivery apps have made life easy. The availability of multiple eateries has a close correlation with workplaces. This is the reason food stalls often crop up around commercial areas. Employees depend on these eateries for meals, beverages, or for a break from the routine. 

It can even be a powerful employee retention tool. The availability of in-campus food stations in companies like Google and Apple is often considered a great perk to the work environment. ANACITY Business makes this even more convenient by enabling employees to order food from onsite eateries through their app. 

Easy access to emergency services

Physical safety is one of the cornerstones of a positive work environment. Employees must have easy access to emergency services, including fire safety and medical assistance. Equipping the workplace with these necessities is not enough. Employees must also have easy access to these services. 

ANACITY Business makes sure that every service is just a tap away. When struck in the lift or in case of a medical crisis, the SOS button instantly connects all employees to emergency responders. 

If you want to learn more about ANACITY Business, get in touch with us at support@apnacomplex or call 80886 11229.

Driving Customer Referrals with Loyalty Program

How ANACITY can help drive customer referrals

There is no greater advertising than a customer referring your product. Yet, this is one of the least understood or leveraged areas in real estate transactions. The developer’s connection with the customer usually ends the moment the sales deed is signed. In many cases, even this interaction is conducted through a third party, such as a broker. 

ANACITY offers developers a platform to strengthen consumer engagement at multiple touchpoints through its white label solutions. Developers can now have access to a specially-built app that is designed to maximise Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) through an exclusive loyalty program.

Customer referrals & CLV

CLV is a metric to measure the total value a customer brings to a business throughout their entire relationship with the brand. Customer referrals are one of the strongest means of enhancing CLV. Referred customers are also more likely to have a higher CLV for the following reasons:

  • They are pre-disposed to like the brand. 
  • They show increased customer satisfaction. 
  • Repeat business as they are more likely to refer the product.
  • Brand loyalty as they also stick to the same brand in the future. 

Customer Referrals Vs other marketing channels

While developers rarely focus on running referral programs, they pour lakhs into marketing drives – from full-page newspaper ads to billboards and digital campaigns. However, customer referrals have some clear advantages over other marketing campaigns, including:

  • Driving referral programs requires significantly lower investment 
  • Increased brand loyalty since referring customers are more likely to be loyal. 
  • Better targeting for interested customers
  • An existing customer’s word is seen as more credible.
  • Referral programs have better conversion rates 
  • Referral programs also give us insights into what makes a consumer happy. 

Customer referral program through ANACITY white label

With the ANACITY white label, developers can run a referral program on their branded app. The referral program gives property buyers and residents (including tenants) the following: 

  • A platform to add referrals.  
  • Check the status of past referrals
  • Earn loyalty points which they can redeem later
  • Check their total loyalty points
  • Find out the developer’s upcoming projects 

User-friendly: The user-friendly interface ensures that customers have easy access to add referrals. 

Expansive reach: One of the biggest advantages of the white label app is that it is also accessible to tenants – a demographic that is rarely ever considered by developers. It helps them to reach out to all users without any glitzy campaigns. 

Retention: Referring users earn loyalty points that can redeemed through pre-decided special offers. This compels the users to keep returning to the app, thus deepening engagement.

Consumer insight: The white label app facilitates data analysis that gives developers valuable insight. For instance, they can find the property that accrues the maximum referrals. By cross-checking this data against maintenance and asset costs, they can determine their return on investment. 

For more details, also read Customer engagement: Unifying post-sales to post-possession experience. If you want to learn more about ANACITY white label solutions, get in touch with us at support@apnacomplex or call 80886 11229. Our team will help you leverage the loyalty program to drive customer referrals!

Picture with the text Workspace automation with ANACITY Business

5 Admin Benefits of Workspace Automation with ANACITY Business

The rise of workspace automation with technologies like IoT, artificial intelligence, and advanced robotics has had a far-reaching impact. As embedded technology becomes the norm, it is changing the way we manage workplaces. Automation has become key to improving efficiency and productivity.

As organisations strive for efficiency, productivity, and streamlined operations, ANACITY Business emerges as a valuable ally in harnessing the power of workplace automation. The app-based offers tools that streamline the administration of workplaces, automating routine tasks. It facilitates data analysis, thus helping admins make informed decisions. 

The Rise of Workplace Automation

Workplace automation involves using technology to perform tasks traditionally handled by humans. The rise of automation has been predicted for some time with wild theories of robots taking over from the human workforce. In reality, it is a more collaborative exercise where technology is helping us bridge gaps in productivity, optimise operational processes for efficiency, and improve workspace conditions while building accountability. 

Another major factor for the galloping pace of workspace automation is the recent breakthroughs in systems and components, including mechanics, sensors, and software.

Benefits of workspace automation

Here are some of the benefits of workspace automation for admins: 

Enhancing administrative efficiency

One of the primary benefits of workplace automation is the significant enhancement of administrative efficiency. ANACITY Business facilitates the automation of routine administrative tasks. These include tracking guest entries, ensuring visitor approvals, checking attendance, and booking facilities like meeting rooms.

Admins can now automate these tasks through the ANACITY Business app. By reducing manual intervention, it saves both their time and effort. Additionally, it reduces the chances of any human error, while creating an accountable system.

For more details, Workplace Visitor Management: Challenges & Solutions with ANACITY Business.

Streamlining communication

Effective communication is the backbone of any successful organisation. While inter-office communications are often fairly efficient, quick, and streamlined, the same cannot be said about intra-office communication. It is one of the biggest challenges in large workplaces, especially office parks and commercial buildings.    

With ANACITY Business, admins have access to multiple communication tools that facilitate seamless interaction among different offices. They can send notices for important information, such as upcoming maintenance work. They can select recipients in the communication module for targeted messaging. In addition, they can hold polls and surveys to measure popular opinion.

Ensuring asset optimisation

Timely servicing and maintenance of assets is essential to ensure optimal asset performance. But tracking multiple assets, their regular servicing, and ad-hoc maintenance can be challenging. ANACITY Business facilitates asset management through the Asset Tracker function under the Facility Management module. 

It enables facility managers to maintain service history with AMC details in one place. They can set up a maintenance schedule and get reminder notifications whenevera service is due. 

Improving decision making

Data-driven decision-making is a cornerstone of every successful admin. ANACITY Business leverages workplace automation to collect and analyse data related to various aspects of operations.

For instance, admins can track maintenance data to track the performance and depreciation of assets. As a result of this insight, they can make informed decisions, identify areas for improvement, and adapt to changing circumstances.

Ensuring compliance and security

In today’s digital age, data security and compliance are top priorities for organizations. ANACITY Business incorporates robust security measures to safeguard sensitive information and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Thus, it helps organisations create a secure and trustworthy workplace environment by automating compliance checks and data protection protocols. Also, read about How ANACITY Business Makes your Workplace Safe & Secure.

Read more about how ANACITY Business is revolutionising workplace management.

If you want to know more about workspace automation by ANACITY Business, get in touch with us at support@apnacomplex or call 80886 11229. Our team will help you understand the various features you can leverage to streamline admin tasks.

ApnaComplex rebrand: Creative with half globe with text, ApnaComplex is now ANACITY

Towards global excellence: ApnaComplex is now ANACITY

With more than 13 years of leading community management automation, ApnaComplex has emerged as one of the dominant Proptech players in India. Today it has a strong presence, automating lakhs of households in gated communities nationwide. ApnaComplex’s growth has been mirrored, and even surpassed, by our global arm, ANACITY. The company has grown exponentially in the Middle East, emerging as the preferred platform for Owner Associations, developers, and residents. 

ApnaComplex is now going for a brand refresh as ANACITY, with a new logo to unify under a single global identity. This rebranding exercise incorporates our award-winning best-in-class tech solutions for society and household users in India.

What does the rebrand involve?

A host of benefits accompany this brand transition. Our clients in India can now get the advantage of the latest technology advancements that ANACITY has implemented within the international arena. In terms of usage, the rebrand will not impact access to the web portal or mobile app.

ApnaComplex icon will undergo an automatic transition to ANACITY IN on mobile phones. Users can log in at the backend web portal, with their current login and password. 

Award-winning platform

ANACITY has been widely recognised as a leading community management platform, sweeping top awards at the prestigious IRECMS Dubai Awards 2023, winning Proptech Company of the Year, Most Innovative Initiative of the Year, and Best Digital Transformation of the Year. 

A peerless jury selected ANACITY for its tech prowess, exemplary relations, commitment to innovation, vision, and direction. You can read about these awards in detail here:

What users can look forward to?

The new logo and name rebrand unify our domestic and international identity. For the user, it means:

  • A community platform that meets international standards of excellence
  • Access to award-winning Proptech
  • Best-in-class tech solutions 
  • Special features developed for select global clients 

If you want further clarifications, feel free to contact us at support or call 80886 11229.

Creative with a phone in focus and cityspace at the background with the text 360 degree customer engagement with ApnaComplex white labels

Customer engagement: Unifying post-sales to post-possession experience

Customer engagement has always been one of the most challenging tasks for real estate builders and developers. Most developers rely on brokers or real estate services to maintain contact with their customers. Apart from the luxury segment, most developers fail to engage in after-sale services. Sometimes, the engagement can pick up after possession when a developer is responsible for managing the community. 

The lack of after-sale customer engagement is a major impediment that can directly impact the developer’s ability to build their brand or accrue more leads. ApnaComplex white label solutions are designed to help developers build their consumer engagement from the moment they sign on the sales deed, creating a positive brand value, and generating additional leads. 

Why invest in customer engagement? 

Compared to most industries, in real estate, there is often a time lag between the actual sale and product delivery. This is when the property buyer waits for the construction to finish before moving in. Most developers maintain cursory connections via emails for sporadic updates during this time. 

However, this fails to capitalise on the positive sentiment among the buyers who are predisposed to the brand. When leveraged properly, after-sales customer engagement can help developers achieve the following:

  • Build brand value through regular contact
  • Gain the customer’s trust
  • Ensure that buyers are updated on the construction status
  • Create brand loyalty
  • Get further leads from happy customers

Post-sales customer engagement

One of the challenges in post-sales engagement is often the lack of connection between the developer and the buyer. In most cases, the builder or developer rarely has any direct contact with the buyer since the sale is handled by a third party. 

With ApnaComplex white label solutions, developers have the opportunity to establish a connection with the customer from day one. Buyers download the app as soon as they sign the sales deed, thus establishing initial contact. The app offers important post-sales information including construction updates and the status of installment payments. It also ensures that the buyer keeps using the app even before moving in. 

Post-possession experience 

ApnaComplex is an app-based community automation and smart security solution provider that leverages intuitive technology to enhance the residential and workplace experience in gated communities and commercial workspaces. The app-based community management platform is backed by an award-winning ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) web-based software. 

As a single platform, it seamlessly integrates different functions to strengthen security as well as simplify community and workplace management. 

With white labels, developers and builders have the opportunity to leverage these solutions under their own branded apps. It ensures that the customer continues to engage with the brand after they move in. In addition, it offers an invaluable opportunity to connect with tenants, a demographic that usually has no direct connection with the developers. 

Referrals through a loyalty program

The white label app has a special feature – a loyalty program. Property owners and tenants can refer additional leads to earn loyalty points. The user can check upcoming projects and refer potential buyers. Thus, the app can be a powerful tool for driving leads. 

In short, white labels ensure:

  • A unified platform throughout the customer’s post-sales to post-possession journey.
  • Ensuring consistent brand engagement from the moment the customer buys the property.
  • Unifying fractured solutions for different functions like communication, Payment Gateway, and billing & invoicing, on one platform.
  • A cohesive brand image and communication strategy throughout the consumer journey.
  • Ensuring that the consumer is kept updated on every development, including construction and payment status. 
  • Reducing chances of any payment defaults through timely reminders. 
  • Transparent and regular communication, ensuring a positive brand image. 
  • Driving further sales leads through a loyalty program. 

If you want to learn more about ApnaComplex white labels, get in touch with us at support@apnacomplex or call 80886 11229. Our team will help you understand the various features you can use for improving your customer engagement!

Elevating customer relationships with ApnaComplex

Managing customer relationships with ApnaComplex white label solutions

In today’s competitive business landscape, meeting and exceeding customer expectations is crucial for the success and sustainability of any enterprise. As businesses evolve, so do customer preferences and demands. The need for customized, user-friendly solutions has never been more apparent. 

Despite its importance, most real estate developers struggle with Customer Relationship Management (CRM). This gap comes mainly because of the absence of a dedicated platform for connecting with customers. ApnaComplex white label solutions help developers to bridge this gap and elevate their users’ experience, anticipating and meeting their expectations. It offers a tailored approach to meet the diverse expectations of customers.

Why invest in long-term customer relationships? 

One of the problems faced by developers in managing their customer relationships can be traced to the lack of attention given to this area. Typically, contact with clients is limited to the initial point of sale. In many cases, house sales are carried out by brokers, further removing direct contact with the customer. 

The eventual resident in a gated community has little or no contact with the developer after the handover is completed. This system fails to realise the full potential of leveraging customer relationships and brand building. 

Building customer relationships with ApnaComplex

With ApnaComplex white label solutions, developers have the opportunity to build long-term relationships with their customers. More importantly, as a community management app, it can help them connect with end-users, including tenants. Thus, it can help them expand their reach. 

Brand building

The white label app is a powerful brand-building tool. It acts as the digital interface for the developer. As a community management platform, it also ensures that property owners and tenants regularly engage with it. Thus, it can increase brand awareness, visibility, and recall. 

Elevating user experience

Customer expectations have evolved beyond just functional utility. A positive and engaging user experience is now a key differentiator for businesses. ApnaComplex’s white label solutions empower businesses to deliver an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing interface to their users.

From personalized dashboards to branded communication channels, the white label feature enhances the overall user experience, making it more enjoyable and efficient for end-users.

Building trust through consistency

Consistency is a cornerstone of trust-building. ApnaComplex’s white label solutions enable businesses to maintain consistency in branding across various touchpoints – from booking their home to post-possession. Consequently, a home buyer goes to the white label app for every interaction or transaction. This includes getting regular construction updates, checking installment payments, moving in, visitor management, paying maintenance charges, and booking facilities. 

Whether users are accessing the platform via a mobile app or a web portal, the white label approach ensures that the branding remains consistent, reinforcing the identity of the business and building trust among users.

Integration for seamless operations

To meet customer relationships effectively, businesses often need a comprehensive solution that integrates seamlessly with their existing processes. ApnaComplex’s white label solutions offer easy integration capabilities, allowing businesses to incorporate these tools seamlessly into their operations. This integration enhances efficiency and ensures that customer expectations are not only met but exceeded.

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Future-proofing with ApnaComplex

In an era of rapid technological advancements, businesses need solutions that are not just effective today but also adaptable for the future. ApnaComplex’s commitment to innovation ensures that businesses relying on its white label solutions are equipped to stay ahead of the curve. Regular updates, new features, and ongoing support contribute to the longevity and relevance of the solutions, aligning them with evolving customer expectations.

In a world where customer expectations are continually evolving, businesses must embrace solutions that are not only functional but also flexible and adaptable. ApnaComplex’s white label solutions provide a strategic advantage, enabling businesses to meet and exceed customer expectations with a tailored, branded experience.

By fostering consistency, enhancing user experience, and offering seamless integration, ApnaComplex empowers businesses to build customer relationships, ensuring long-term success in an ever-changing market.

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