Apartments are compact, safe, and convenient to live in. However, because of space restrictions, decorating apartments can be a little difficult at times. This is most evident when decorating apartment balconies. Nevertheless, a well decorated balcony is not only an asset to the resident, but to the entire apartment.

To encourage apartment owners to have well decorated and aesthetic balconies, the apartment association can discuss tips on decorating and maintaining balconies after a formal meeting. Some such tips are listed below.

Decorating a Balcony

If you have a porch or balcony with reasonable to moderate access to sunlight, you can make use of that space to grow the plants of your choice. If you have a very small balcony, or a French window, you can go for Container Gardening, by using spare and discarded containers like spare kitchen utensils, metal jars, glass jugs, mugs and flower vases. Once you have selected the container, you need to choose a plant that goes with its size and durability.

To ensure proper water drainage, remember to put holes in the bottom of the container and place it on top of a tile or elevated surface which keeps it from rusting in case of metal containers.

If you have a bigger balcony, you can go for more potted plants. While planning the garden, you need to consider few points:

  1. Utility: what is your reason to choose a plant: aesthetics or utility?
  2. Availability of space
  3. Requirements of plant, like sunlight, protection from birds and other animals
  4. Type of plant: this is an important aspect of selecting plants for ‘balcony gardens’.

For creepers and climbers like money plant or bougainvillea, you can use the railing or metal grid window for support. Lower floor of the balcony can accommodate different kinds of potted plants, trellises and creepers.

 It is also important to maintain an order in the way the plants are arranged and make sure it does not look cluttered if you plan to also keep some space to sit in that area. Some plants which are high on aesthetics and can be grown in small spaces are palms, bougainvillea, jasmine and money plants.

You can be as creative as you want, and use various home décor items to liven up your balcony. Terracotta pots, animal figures, or lamps; Blue pottery, wind chimes, Chinese lanterns etc look beautiful in a balcony. You can drill some holes and put nails on the walls of the balcony, to hang ethnic wall hangings, paintings, or even masks.

You can use colored lights, lamps, or candles in the evening to add a romantic touch to it.

However, no matter how pretty a space is, it will be appreciated only when it is comfortable. So you need to have a few easy to use chairs and a small side table, so that people can sit in the balcony and enjoy it.  Buy durable furniture, which is waterproof. Some good options are cane furniture, folding chairs and tables, or even rot iron chairs.

Enjoy decorating your apartment balcony and encourage others in the building to do the same. After all, the front facing balconies are the most visible part of the house, so decorating it will enhance the beauty of the entire apartment.  And your apartment complex will stand out as one of the most well decorated ones in the locality.

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