Multiple studies have proven the long-lasting impact of a positive work environment on employee productivity and mental health. It improves their achievement-striving ability, promotes commitment and loyalty, and enhances task performance. Not only that, it can also help them to recover from difficult situations.

The conversation around work environment has largely been focused on HR policies. However, with the rise of smart workspaces, it is time we included technology as another essential tool. Smart automation solutions like ANACITY Business offer facility managers and employees a unified platform to communicate, collaborate, avail services, and leave feedback.

What is work environment?

Work environment is the physical and social space where individuals perform their jobs. Physical aspects include the infrastructure such as lighting, air-conditioning, and ventilation. The social environment includes growth opportunities, autonomy, communication, supervision and healthy culture. Together, the physical and social environment is critical in ensuring employee productivity, satisfaction, and growth. 

Smart offices & work environment

Technology can hold the key to bringing together a work environment’s physical and social aspects. ANACITY Business offers an app-based platform to help workplace admins create a more congenial work environment. It offers tools that help promote collaboration and communication while leveraging administrative features that simplify workplace management. 

Communication & collaboration

Clear and transparent communication is the backbone of every workplace. Yet, intra-office communication is one of the biggest challenges in workplace community management. While inter-office contact is usually well-established, establishing the same connection between different offices in a commercial complex is nearly impossible. 

ANACITY Business offers admins multiple alternatives to traditional solutions. For instance, a digital notice board is more effective than the traditional alternative since it has a higher visibility. Similarly, the communication module brings together people from different offices on one platform. Admins can also use it to hold surveys and polls. 

Thus, it’s a powerful collaboration tool where people can reach out for information, emergencies, promotion activities, and to hold discussions. As a messaging platform, it also helps in creating a positive environment in the workplace. 

Asset management

Regular asset maintenance with swift and effective complaint management has a vital role to play in maintaining physical infrastructure. This has a direct impact on people’s morale. It ensures that vital infra like HVAC, water supply, and lifts work in optimal conditions. Prompt complaint resolution also leads to higher employee satisfaction as they feel that their problems are addressed.

ANACITY Business asset management module is designed to facilitate maintenance and servicing by providing easy access to data, including service history. Facility managers can also set up a maintenance schedule with reminders. 

Similarly, the complaint management module is designed for swift resolution of issues. Instead of manually calling and following up with the service staff, one can register their complaint on the app. An escalation matrix ensures that unresolved issues are automatically moved to the next supervisory level. It also enables the complainant to check the resolution progress and leave feedback. 

Creche view

Childcare is one of the biggest challenges faced by working parents, particularly mothers. Consequently, many workplaces are now offering more parent-friendly workplaces with in-campus childcare facilities. ANACITY Business can be synced with the campus childcare centres. The app can thus, offer working parents a real-time view of the creche. 


Now, you can carpool from within the campus with the ANACITY Business app. Carpooling not only benefits daily commuters, it is also good for the environment. At a time when many employers are struggling to get their employees back to the office, carpooling can act as a gentle nudge. 

Food ordering 

There is little doubt that food delivery apps have made life easy. The availability of multiple eateries has a close correlation with workplaces. This is the reason food stalls often crop up around commercial areas. Employees depend on these eateries for meals, beverages, or for a break from the routine. 

It can even be a powerful employee retention tool. The availability of in-campus food stations in companies like Google and Apple is often considered a great perk to the work environment. ANACITY Business makes this even more convenient by enabling employees to order food from onsite eateries through their app. 

Easy access to emergency services

Physical safety is one of the cornerstones of a positive work environment. Employees must have easy access to emergency services, including fire safety and medical assistance. Equipping the workplace with these necessities is not enough. Employees must also have easy access to these services. 

ANACITY Business makes sure that every service is just a tap away. When struck in the lift or in case of a medical crisis, the SOS button instantly connects all employees to emergency responders. 

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