If there’s one place in the apartment complex that everybody hangs out during the summer –it’s the swimming pool. This is particularly true taking into account the heat that the Indian summer brings, when people will be on the constant lookout for options that can keep them cool and relaxed.

The Need for Maintenance

The swimming pool is a great place where families can gather and have fun; however this large body of water needs to be properly maintained so that the residents of an apartment complex can enjoy taking a swim, in a healthy manner. There are many infections that a dirty and badly maintained swimming pool can bring, including skin infections. If you don’t want to walk around with rashes on your skin, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that your pool is maintained.

A Dirty Pool in the Apartment Can Ruin Your Summer

A Dirty Pool in the Apartment Can Ruin Your Summer

Every apartment complex normally has maintenance teams that’ll take care of the swimming pool during summer time due to its constant use, and the filters will be properly cleaned and the water will be regularly processed and drained during these summer months. But with the advent of winter, it’s common for residents in the apartment complex to stop thinking about the swimming pool. This is actually the time when the pool needs to be properly maintained, because the stagnant water can serve as a breeding ground for many infections and mosquitoes.

Winter Cleaning Steps for the Swimming Pool

You can give your suggestions to the apartment association regarding the common swimming pool’s winter maintenance, as taking on all duties and doing them by yourself can be pretty hard. The apartment association can hire a professional for maintaining the pool during winter time.

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The tasks of the pool keeper hired by the apartment association would include:

  • Skimming The Pool Filter – The pool filter removes all debris from the water body by passing it through a filter of sand. The pool keeper can be given the task of ensuring that too much debris does not build up in the filter, which can cause it to malfunction. This can be done by regularly skimming the pool filter. Residents can also help in maintaining the pool by not letting any debris float around in the pool, and by taking a small shower before stepping into the pool.
  • Maintaining The Chemical Balance – The pool keeper’s duties will also include maintaining the water balance during the time when the pool is unused. The pH level of the water in a pool needs to be constant, and this can be maintained by properly using a Winterizing Chemical Kit. This is where hiring a professional can count as an advantage, because a professional pool keeper will be well informed about all these issues.
  • Keeping The Pool Covered – The pool need to be covered when unused, especially during the winter when debris like dry autumn leaves can accumulate on the surface of the water. Pool covers are widely available, and the apartment association can collectively opt for one such cover that can keep the pool clean and fresh for use during summertime. 

These tasks, when properly distributed, can help in maintaining the swimming pool in your apartment complex through the winter months.

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