Waste management units are important, and these need to be installed in every apartment complex according to government regulations.

Although development authorities in cities are ensuring that all apartment complexes comply with their demands, the success of this measure will solely depend on the residents and how actively they participate in the concept.

The Need for Waste Management

Due to the large number of people living in an apartment complex, the overall output with regards to waste will also be high. Such waste should be properly classified under the many forms of waste materials so that no harm is inflicted on the environment.

The age old practice of dumping waste items from independent houses and apartment complexes in a particular spot is now fading, and more and more people are learning about the importance of proper waste management. You can contribute your bit for managing the waste items in your apartment complex, and this you can do by starting the process at home.

Saying NO To Plastics Is The First Step!

Saying NO To Plastics Is The First Step!

Steps for Proper Waste Management – Dos and Don’ts

  • Segregate your waste in an orderly manner, and split the waste into different types. The best way to do this would be to split your overall domestic waste into two categories – wet waste and dry waste.
  • Make sure that you have two dustbins in your house for this purpose. Dump all your dry waste (cardboards pieces, paper leaves, glass pieces) in one particular dustbin and dump your wet waste (kitchen waste) in another dustbin. This should become a daily habit, and you can teach your kids and other family members to do the same.
  • Make sure that you teach your maid the importance of waste management as well, as housemaids in many houses are responsible for handling the waste items.
  • Try to avoid using plastic bags as much as possible. Make sure you opt for alternatives like cloth bags and jute bags, because plastic bags don’t decay. In case you do have a plastic bag or two, use the plastic bag again and again, without buying any new ones. You can reuse plastic bags any number of times.
  • You can dump your kitchen waste and garden waste together to make compost. This can be used while gardening, and such compost is known to provide a lot of essential nutrients to plants.
  • The proper segregation of waste is something that should be carried out everywhere in an apartment complex, because this way, waste management will be easier. You can encourage other residents in your apartment complex and also your neighbors to do the same by labeling all the waste bins that are located within the apartment complex. You can label these bins as per their category (wet waste and dry waste).
  • Don’t try and dump your kitchen waste down the sink on any account. This will only lead to further problems as the drain may get clogged easily.

Waste management is a concept that just needs the right number of volunteers for it to be successful, and an apartment complex is an ideal setting where the process can be effectively carried out.

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