Here’s a question –  you know bye-laws are the constitution for your complex – but, how do you know all members of your association have indeed read bye laws? Tough? Next, how do you ensure every one acknowledges the amendments made to the bye-laws in last AGM? Tougher? Help is here now from ApnaComplex in the new feature that is released.

We are happy to announce the release of an innovative feature in ApnaComplex using which Administrators can configure any terms & conditions that every member must accept before members gain access to their complex in the portal. Administrators can put your complex bye laws as the content of terms and conditions. Once the content is configured and enforcement is enabled – when any member logs on to ApnaComplex, they will be presented the terms and conditions page with contents configured by the Administrator. These Terms and Conditions must be accepted by the member in order to gain access to the complex in ApnaComplex. This makes it extremely easy to ensure all members including tenants indeed go through the bye-laws when they move-in.

What’s more – Administrators can update the terms and conditions, reset the status of all users who accepted and request to accept the reivsed terms and conditions again. Total flexitbility in your hands and makes it easy to all members to know the new amendments in the byelaws.

Benefits due to this feature

It is not very uncommon that most residents in any residential complex are not aware of all bye-laws and the fact that there is constant flux in the tenants makes it even difficult to ensure every one is in fact aware of all bye-laws. In addition, getting an acknowledgment that members have read the bye-laws or any important amendments is even difficult. The ignorance on bye-laws keeps causing problems of non-compliance quite often. This takes away precious time from committee members to resolve these problems.

Go to Community –> Settings and click the link “Confiure T&C” link available to get started.

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