An apartment complex is one of the secure locations that you can live in, as any well organized apartment complex will have professional security guards placed strategically near the gates and within the complex. This strong emphasis on security may negate the need for further measures, but it’s any day better to be safe than sorry. Crime rates in India are rising, and according to unvalidated reports, a burglary occurs every 14 seconds.

Make their work harder!

Make their work harder!

Steps That You Should Take

You can beef up your security by installing various home security devices and systems, so that nothing untoward happens out of the blue. Many homeowners are opting for such security devices and systems because they are widely available now and are quite affordable as well.  When it comes to security systems for an apartment complex, you can either opt for indoor home security systems or outdoor home security systems, depending on your apartment’s placement and your personal preferences.

If you already have a security system, ensure it is not an outdated system installed, you must understand that burglars have come a long way with regards to technology, and it won’t take them long to dismantle your system or get past it using some loophole in the system.

Some of the systems that are popular are:

  • Spy Holes – A spy hole is one of the oldest, cheapest and most effective security tools, and this should be installed in all the houses in the apartment complex.
  • Door Sensors/Window Sensors – This is a contact sensor system that is magnetic in nature. Its main advantage is the fact that it is wireless and can be installed in any door and window. You can turn on this system whenever you’re not at home or during nighttime and during this time, if any doors or windows are opened, a siren will immediately activate and bring down the house while also alerting the monitoring station.
  • Wireless Alarm Systems – True to their name, these systems are wireless and operate through radio signals. These systems will continue to run even if there’s a power shutdown and all other appliances are switched off, and this is their biggest advantage.
  • Occupancy Sensors – You can install an occupancy sensor if you have an extended budget, as this is one of the prime security devices. This device will detect movements and sense the presence of human occupants within its range. You can turn this sensor on whenever you leave home, and upon sensing intruders, it’ll immediately alert the monitoring station and turn on all the lights in the house so that the burglar can’t hide.
  • Heat/Smoke Detectors – Your home security systems should not only cover break-ins, but should also comprehensively cover other risks such as fire breakouts. Smoke detectors can help in this regard, as these systems will trigger off an alarm upon detecting any kind of smoke. The system will also alert you immediately through its control panel, and it comes with a 24-hour power backup facility.

Burglars usually survey an apartment complex before they strike and they normally pick out a house that poses the least amount of risks. With the help of a comprehensive home security systems, you can make their task hard, and make your complex safe.

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