Most people hardly understand the importance of proper electrical safety in a cooperative housing society. The tingling sensation that a minor shock produces in your skin may seem trivial, but more severe shocks can cause burns all over your body or even cardiac arrest.

You should know that almost all electrical accidents occur due to faulty wiring, or due to damaged electrical appliances. To keep your family safe and to prevent any mishaps from occurring, you can adopt a set of safety measures that can also be followed by all members in a cooperative housing society.

Replace Old Sockets With New Ones

Replace Old Sockets With New Ones

Safety Measures To Avoid Electric Shocks

  • Handling The Main Source: Always disconnect the main power source when you’re not using an electrical appliance. When you try and set right a faulty appliance, always disconnect the power cord before taking things forward.
  • Proper Placement Of Cords: Sometimes people place the extension cords under the carpet. This is a very dangerous practice as it can cause short circuits and this should be avoided at all costs.
  • Ensuring Proper Insulation: Always run the electrical cords in all appliances through a double check. Many accidents are caused due to electrical cords that are frayed and are not properly insulated. There should be at least a layer or two of insulation between your hand and the live wire.
  • Smoke Alert: Always be on the alert and check if there’s smoke coming from any appliance. This may be accompanied by a burning smell, and this means that some appliance is faulty. This can be prevented by unplugging all appliances when they aren’t in use.
  • Using Few Extension Cords: When it comes to extension cords, use a minimal number and ensure that you don’t overload them with countless wires. Fix up an ample number of electrical outlets in every room to avoid issues of overload.
  • Removing Bare Wires: Check if all the wires that run along the walls are properly insulated. Sometimes during the monsoon season, a few apartments in a cooperative housing society may face the problem of having wet walls. This scenario can get dangerous if the wires that run along the walls are bare, as electricity will easily be conducted upon contact.
  • Using A Tester: Always have a tester around the house as this can come in really handy. Whenever you turn a circuit off for maintenance purposes, use a tester to ensure that there is no current flow.
  • Having The Proper Equipment: You may know your way around electrical circuits, but you need to have the right equipment to safely work with faulty appliances and electrical lines. Always have a pair of rubber gloves that are well insulated in your kit.  You can also learn how to operate circuit breakers and fuse boxes.

Every family in a cooperative housing society should follow these measures, as electrical safety is not an option, it’s a necessity. The managing committee in a cooperative housing society should take note of the above steps and ensure that they are implemented.

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