Housing Society Events – What the Association Can Plan
This is nothing better than organizing some events in a housing society to bring all members together and foster the bonding. Your housing society can organize some events , but this should be a collective effort and not just one individual’s responsibility.

What Can You Do?
You and the other members of the housing society can organize some activities that will bring everybody together and give them a space to have fun. You can try out one of these event ideas in your housing society.

Events for a Housing Society

Event Ideas

  • Cook Off

You can organize a cooking competition. You can get the participants to make exotic food items and bring the food that they have prepared outside to a tent or marquee to be judged. If you have enough space and the facilities, you can even arrange options for outdoor cooking, and the participants can come out and prepare the food in front of an audience and the judges. You can suggest a food theme, or list the ingredients to be used after consulting with the other residents.

  • Pool Party

Does your housing society have a pool? Organize a pool party! As you are hosting it as a group, plan some theme for the party. Follow the theme for the invitations, decoration, music, food and gifts. This can be a very relaxing option during the summer. Pool parties can be great for your children as well, as they can have some fun in the water.

  • Talent Show

Organize a talent show. Organize different competitions for different talents, if you have enough people. The association should find someone who has a great knack for presentation and anchoring to run the show. Then you can form a committee and list out the participants, weeding out the talented ones among the residents. This can be a very fun and interactive event.

  • Have a Mystery Party

Organize a mystery game. Have a set of people enact a murder or robbery scenario. Plan the story, clue, suspects and circumstances well. The solution should not be random and illogical. You can find a lot of plots and scenario ideas for this on the internet, and you can put forth the idea during an association meeting. A mystery party will serve as a different option from the traditional ones.

  • Organize Fund Raising Events

Are you in the mood for charity? You can also have fun while serving a good cause. If you have people in your housing society, you can put together their talents and cook up a sale inside the complex, with the permission of the other members. This will help in raising some funds, and it will keep everyone occupied. The association can organize a sporting event and find local sponsors and advertisers who will contribute to the charity.

  • Have a Pet Party

If your housing society allows pets, you can include them in your party ideas. Organize events where people can bring their pets and show off their talents, as a pet show can be really good fun, especially for your children.

You can have fun this summer in your housing society by getting creative, as such housing society summer events will involve everyone’s help and satisfy children, elders and every single resident.

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