Residents in every housing society will be striving to come up with fresh ideas to organize get togethers. If you feel that you’re facing the same fix, why not throw a pool party, if your housing society has a pool? A pool party is a great way to have fun.

But organizing a pool party will be the hard part, and you’ll have to take care of all the intricacies involved as a team. If you keep it simple and plan ahead, you can have a great and safe pool party. Get your housing society association to prepare the pool first and you can chip in with the other residents and contribute effectively.

Organizing Pool Parties

Pre-Party Planning

Plan your party well. This way, you will encounter fewer hassles during the party. Plan out the many sections during the party and how the event will progress. List out the performers, if any, and create a detailed schedule.


First send out fun invitations. They can be a simple ‘you are invited to our pool party’ to beach themed cards accompanied by matching confetti. If you live in a big housing society, you could probably just have the invitation delivered by hand.

Clean the Pool

Help the housing society association along with the other residents to ensure that the pool is clean and freshly filled for the party.

Divide the Area Around the Pool

Ensure that there is an area where the guests can change their clothes. Divide areas for lounging, playing games, may be even a barbeque. Probably, the housing society would’ve planned these divisions too, when they built the pool. Once you divide the area, things will run smoothly.

Arrange for Food and Drinks

Depending on the type of party you are arranging, you can plan for some light snacks and drinks, or a tropical themed fare.

Provide Lots of Towels

Be prepared with lots of clean towels for the guests. If you don’t have enough towels to go around, ask the guests to be sure to bring their own.

Dry the Surrounding Tiles

Ensure that the area around the pool remains clean and non-slippery. This will help you avoid nasty accidents.

Provide Pool Toys

Have a lot of inflatable rafts and tubes and toys, for both the adults and kids. These can help them stay afloat and increase the fun quotient.

Supervise the Kids

Kids are the ones who are probably going to enjoy the party the most. But make sure that one or more of the adults take turns watching the kids, to keep them safe.

Arrange for Some Music

Arrange for some nice beach themed music and play them through the poolside speakers. Don’t make it too loud, as it can disrupt conversations that people maybe having.

Organize Games

Organize fun games to keep the guests entertained. Search the net for some nice party game ideas and implement the same.

Sunscreens and Shades

Provide the guests with sunscreens and shades. If there are trees around the area of the pool, they can be used after obtaining due permission. You can also put up umbrella shades.

First Aid Kits

Keep such kits handy, and hope that you’ll never need them. After all, it may come in handy if a kid falls and skins his knee.

The Table

Cover the table in a bright colored cloth. Use bright flowers as the centerpiece. Keep plates of food ready and the drinks cool and fresh. Arrange for the food along with the other residents and keep vegetarian and non vegetarian items separately.

Pool parties are a nice way to beat the heat during summer. If you live in a housing society, it can be easier to arrange. You can have the housing society association prepare the pools and arrange for the chairs. Pool parties are by nature informal and so, a great way to meet people and get acquainted.

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