Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations are held in every housing society annually in order to honour the birth of Lord Ganesh. This festival encompasses a variety of cultural events that have deep rooted religious meanings, which bring people together and enhance their sense of oneness.Celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi
You can make arrangements to celebrate the festival in your housing society, in order to bring together all residents. This can take an immense amount of time and effort since celebrations for Ganesh Chaturthi are very elaborate and done on a grand scale.

Ensure that you bring up the idea during a resident meeting so that you can get help from all other residents in the housing society too.

While being an amazing spectacle to witness, Ganesh Chaturthi can be both environmentally degrading and very cost ineffective. The housing society management can take the initiative to implement some of the below tips while celebrating this festival.

  • Provide Localized Immersion Spots

Instead of having scores of people from the housing society immersing idols all over the city and in a variety of water bodies, the housing society management can organize a local area where the residents can collectively gather, celebrate and finish off the festivities in an environmentally friendly manner.

The management can dig a ditch and create a central temporary water body that can be used for this purpose.

  • Arrange for the Main Idol

Housing societies usually arrange for huge idols of Lord Ganesh, and this forms an extremely vital part of the celebration. The idol can be placed in a central location so that it is easily accessible to all residents within the society.

Clay idols score over plastic ones because they’re a lot more cost efficient. Clay dissolves in water and this material is more eco-friendly as remnants from the celebration don’t stay in the water for long enough to significantly damage the aquatic ecosystem.

The housing society management must also strive to ensure that every family limits itself by having only one idol for immersion.

  • Whip Up Homemade Sweets

You can take some initiative and encourage all families to make sweets at home. You can do this during the resident meetings. This will not only help them save on money and resources, but also ensures less wastage.

Such sweets are healthier and also bring the housing society residents closer during the festival.  Sweets can be exchanged during the main puja that is conducted near the large idol.

  • Create Awareness About the Festival

Most modern children aren’t completely aware of the significance of Ganesh Chaturthi or about the various rituals that are performed. Through the management, you can hire knowledgeable speakers to talk about the festival or drama groups who can enact various mythological events related to the festival.

Celebrating such an important festival in a common stage can be a fun experience for everyone, especially the children. Once you delegate all the necessary tasks to specific members through the housing society management, you can enjoy a splendid Ganesh Chaturthi with your family and the entire community.

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