Navaratri Celebrations in a Housing Society – Tips You Can Try

When it comes to religious events in a housing society, Navaratri is a popular Hindu festival that you can celebrate within the complex. The festival revolves around Goddess Durga and is an occasion for families in a housing society to come together through community celebrations on a grand scale where everyone can gather and celebrate together.

The Magic of Navaratri

Navaratri translates literally to nine nights in Sanskrit and during this period, idols of the Goddess are placed in homes and temples and they are immersed in water on the tenth day.

In south Indian cities, families place golu (an array of idols and figurines) in their house and people visit their neighbours and family members to view each other’s golu collection.

navaratri celebrations

Navaratri Tips for a Housing Society

You can create a central Navaratri event in order to bring the residents together. This should be done through the apartment association.

Once you get the plans verified by the housing society association, you can assign responsibilities to different residents and collect money from all residents in order to organize the event. You can handle the accounts yourself or delegate the responsibility to another resident.

  • Organize a Main Event

With the help of the other residents, you can organize housing society celebrations where everyone can gather together instead of holding individual events. This can help in preventing the wastage of food, water, electricity and other resources.

You can talk to the managing committee and arrange for an idol that can be housed in one of the common areas for the general celebrations and prayers.

  • Promote Homemade Sweets

You can inform all families to make their own sweets and bring them for the main event, as buying sweets from outside can be quite expensive for such a huge event. This will also bring some variety into the proceedings and families will be able to share these sweets and get to know each other.

If possible, give away the remaining food after the celebrations to the less fortunate who may not be able to afford such luxuries.

  • Keep Your Sound Levels Down

While celebrating Navaratri in a housing society, care should be taken to ensure that the noise level does not get out of control as it can be a source of extreme discomfort for neighbours and other nearby buildings.

Since Navaratri lays great importance on the recitation of religious hymns and prayers and also involves a number of pujas, chances are that sometimes festivities can get a little out of hand. It is imperative that no one is disturbed in the excitement of the festival and its celebration.

  • Spare a Thought for the Environment

Immersing idols of the Goddess in the water is common practice and care should be taken to ensure that the idols are immersed in predefined locations within the housing society. Setting up an artificial body of water can be a good idea. All idols should be made of naturally degradable substances that do not cause any environmental harm, and you can spread such awareness.

Try and use a single idol for the entire housing society as this would be extremely beneficial and go a long way in helping the environment and setting an example. With the right steps, celebrating Navaratri in a housing society can be a unique experience.

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