Coping With the Rains Through Apartment Association Events

The monsoon months in an apartment complex are generally uneventful, as frequent rains can hamper all your plans and limit your social interactions. This doesn’t mean that you have to stay cooped up inside your house throughout the season – you can organize some indoor events so that all residents can get together and have fun, irrespective of the gloomy weather!

Apartment complex events

You’ll need to plan out these events well so that there are no hiccups in the last minute, and you can do this by delegating tasks to other residents after bringing up the idea during an association meeting.

There are different themes that you can opt for, and all that you need to do is get creative.

Club Events

You can use the apartment complex club to hold a special party where all residents can get together over food and drinks. Once you receive the nod from the managing committee, come up with a theme for the party (something sunny, to take everyone’s mind off the rain) and start collecting a standard charge from every family.

Pick out interested residents and make them your co-organizers. Assign responsibilities for each of them, including the tasks of collecting money from all residents, getting vegetarian and non vegetarian food items for the residents and organizing skits or fun activities for the event. If there are musicians or singers among the residents, encourage them to showcase their skills.

Frame up a party plan, and specify a particular timeline so that things go according to schedule. Ensure that there is a strict tab over the number of drinks served so that people don’t go overboard and get drunk during the party.

Cooking Parties

This is yet another option that you can explore. You can hold this event in any closed common space within the apartment complex. As always, get the nod from the managing committee first.

Once you inform the other residents about the plan, send out flyers or mails to every family, asking them to cook up some rare and delicious dishes. The families can all then assemble in the specified location for the event and a wide buffet can be held, with surprise gifts for the best chef.

The buffet can be arranged according to vegetarian and non vegetarian categories, and if you’re looking to make it an even contest, you can also suggest a predefined theme for the food items. Organizing such parties will involve lesser expenses overall, and will negate the need for collecting and managing money from every family, which can be quite taxing.

Indoor Game Events

Your kids are sure to be bored during the monsoon – so why not organize an indoor event to cheer them up?

There are many options when it comes to indoor games – you can arrange contests involving board games for kids (like chess), and other sports like table tennis and badminton for teenagers and young adults. Through these events, all residents can indulge in some physical activity, keeping them mentally and physically fit and alert during the lazy monsoon months.

Ensure that you plan these events well in advance so that the tasks can be steadily carried out and also make sure that the events are civil and low-key, so that you don’t disturb the other residents who may not be inclined to participate due to personal reasons.

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