With the steadily growing instances of power cuts in the country, a housing society should essentially have power backup plans for its residents to live their lives unhindered. Power cuts can be a major hindrance when you’ve planned your day out, and staying in a housing society that has poorly developed power backup options can be frustrating.Thanks to growing technology, the options for countering power cuts are many and the housing society management can choose from different backup options. Residents can opt for smaller backup options for personal use as well.

For common use, the housing society management can install diesel generators, as many such backup options are provided in prominent complexes. You can opt for regular generators, in case the backup in your housing society is not proper.

power backup options

Choosing a Suitable Backup Plan

You can choose your power backup option based on the area you live in, the weather in the region, and the kind of appliances you use.

The most efficient power back up plan is the fixed generator through which your AC loads, electrical appliances and essential lights can work. Depending on the size of your flat in the housing society, you can choose a generator.

A 5000 watt generator would be ideal for a three bedroom apartment, and a diesel generator can be a cheaper option as the fuel cost is less. Even solar generators have come out in the markets, and these run only on solar energy, which is renewable and nonpolluting.

If you’re looking for temporary options, you can use inverters through which bare essentials like the refrigerator, electrical fans and a few lights can be run.

Choosing a Price Range

A generator is most expensive of the lot and the price varies depending on the amount of energy it can hold. The range of an ideal generator is Rs 30,000 upwards.

For the people with lighter pockets, an inverter will be most suitable as it costs one tenth the price of a generator. An inverter runs on a rechargeable battery, so you can cut back on fuel costs.

Installing a Power Backup

While installing a generator or an inverter, care should be taken connect the main electrical appliances and lighting. Depending on the climate in your region, your appliance should be fixed. This is because if the climate is cold, care should be taken to prevent the internal pipes from freezing.

If the climate is hot, necessary covers or shutters should be made for the appliance to prevent it from overheating. Always choose a user friendly engine which is easy to use because you’ll have to manually switch on your generator or inverter. You should learn as much as you can about the appliance and fixing smoke alarms is another must.

Power Backup Maintenance

A generator is a high maintenance machine as it needs regular servicing and sufficient amount of fuel that should be added at all times. The installation costs for a generator can be very steep.

An inverter has lower maintenance and since it works on a battery, the terminals need to be oiled regularly. Both appliances should be run during regular intervals. If they are being used for a long period of time, you should schedule sufficient breaks in between to prevent them from overheating and exploding.

When you choose your power backup, make your choice based on your essentials and necessities. Try and take an eco conscious approach as solar power options can be helpful in the long run.

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