Today, we are excited to bring you ApnaComplex for Android.

For the first time, Housing Societies and Apartment Complexes in India can take advantage of the Smart Phones to manage their affairs.

In this first version of ApnaComplex for Android, all our customers having a member account in ApnaComplex can login via the native Andriod app on their mobile and access Complaint Box and Financial Statement on the go.
ApnaComplex for Android

With ApnaComplex for Android, Users can log new complaints on the go – as and when they notice an issue. There is no need to remember the issue, come back to the desk, login and raise. Once logged, the complaint will follow the usual assignment and escalation process – just like when a complaint is logged via web portal. Users can also view open complaints and the updates on the complaint. Users can also add more notes to the complaint.

Users can also check the outstanding balance and detailed financial statement using ApnaComplex for Android.

We have worked hard to frog leap Apartment Management and Society Accounting into the smart phone generation – look forward to see you using ApnaComplex for Android and hearing your feedback. Enjoy and wait for rapid addition of more and more features on the smart phone!

Want to get smart in your housing society management? – Get on to ApnaComplex – Today!

ApnaComplex is India’s most comprehensive web based housing society accounting, management and communication software. It is designed to make the life of residents and owners way lot better by bringing in more transparency and accountability in managing a housing society. Check out the features of ApnaComplex and sign up your society today to get the benefits! We offer a free 30-day trial as well so that you can try before you buy!