Cost Effective Housing

Space and Related Expenses

Setting up a house can be a complicated task or way easier than you expect it to be. The major factors that should be taken into consideration before setting up a house are the amount of space you have and the capital that is needed to materialize it.

Space is an important aspect when you are trying to set up your house. Figure out the number of rooms you have and what do you plan to fill it with. Ideally a house should have a living room, a well equipped kitchen, a bathroom, bedroom, patio or a balcony, cleaning supplies and a general room or an empty space.

Setting up the Living Room

The living room should have a set of chairs, a couch or futons; a coffee table can be set up in the centre of the room, and a TV can be placed at the corner with a well distributed stereo system so that the sound emanates from every corner of the room and a DVD or VCR player.

Setting up the Kitchen

The kitchen area should be well organized and clean. You can have a dining table along with matching chairs. It is necessary to have a storage container where you can stuff all your dishes, glasses and cups. In order to cook a good meal and cook it fast, you need to have the necessary amenities and appliances in your kitchen such as a coffee maker, microwave, a good set of silverware, baking pans and sheets, silverware trays, knives, cutting boards, freezer baggies, paper towels, hand towels and a refrigerator.

Setting up the Bathroom

The bathroom is a place that needs to be well maintained, sanitized and cleaned regularly. There must be a level of safety precautions while setting up your bathroom such as using the shower or bath mat so that you do not slip when the floor is wet. Other necessary items needed in the bathroom are soaps and shampoos, soaps, a toothbrush holder, towels, plunger, toilet paper and a soap dish. An air freshener is a must in the bathroom to keep bad odor and dampness out.

Setting up the Bedroom

Your bedroom should have an aura of calmness and serenity around it. The accessories in your bedroom need to be perfect to provide the right ambience to you. The bed should be of the right height and size so that you can comfortably sleep in it. The bed spreads and the pillow covers should match, a night stand along with a single table and chair will help you sit and work at night, a dressing table, a rug, an air conditioner or fan, a lamp and an alarm clock. You can also place your computer in your bedroom so that it is convenient to work on.

The Money Factor

You have to be careful while putting down your money while purchasing these items. It wouldn’t be wise to spend too much on most of the items as you have better versions coming out in the market within regular intervals. Electronic appliances always have better versions coming up every now and then in the market; hence, remember to choose and spend wisely. You should be able to gauge your requirements from all the items that you purchase.

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