Light pollution is a worldwide phenomenon that is often overlooked, especially in a housing society and other similar structures. In short, light pollution is misused or misdirected light. When outdoor lights in a housing society are improperly installed, the light problem of light pollution might surface due to obtrusive light.

Preventing Light Pollution in a Housing Society

Some steps need to be taken in order to prevent light pollution in a housing society. This problem can be easily resolved as long as the residents are informed and briefed about the same.

light pollution

  • Switch on the lights only when necessary. In housing societies, corridor and other outdoor lights are switched on even after daybreak. People responsible for handling such outdoor lights should be strictly instructed to switch off lights when not required.
  • The same can be applied to residents also. People should switch on the lights only when necessary so that light pollution is reduced.
  • Most housing societies have more outdoor lights than required. In this case, a closer speculation is needed and all additional lighting devices should be removed.
  • Do not go for high wattage lights when the work can be done using low wattage lights too. Use high wattage lights only when it is necessary. The maintenance team can run a check on all the unnecessary high wattage lights and uninstall these.
  • Housing societies should only use full cutoff fixtures for lighting appliances. These fixtures help the light shine towards the ground and prevent light from shooting out in tangents, causing light pollution.
  • Installing motion sensors can help the housing society management control light pollution. These motion sensors automatically switch on the lights when there is activity in the specific spot. This way, electricity charges are reduced and housing society members will be easily able to afford the cost of installing motion sensors.
  • Reflectors should be installed. Reflectors are lights which help outline a path, for example, like the driveway of a housing society. Housing society roads need have a network of lights to light up a path. These are easier to run and are not affected by power outages. They are considerably cheaper also.
  • Housing societies should try and use lights which diminish glare when the light is aimed downwards.

The housing society management should spread awareness among the residents of the society about light pollution. This will help all residents learn about the cause and support the same. Simple steps to prevent light pollution can even be inculcated in kids through interactive sessions on weekends.

An informal session conducted can also help adults work for this environmental cause.

The housing society management can ideally hold a resident meeting, where the exact timelines for switching on the outdoor lights and switching them off can be defined. Also, the lights that are used to illuminate the outdoors need not be flashy or high powered.

Light pollution can be prevented if the management, housing society residents and the maintenance team work together and put in some effort.

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