Higher Resale Value
In India, the concept of Green Homes is not new anymore and neither is the idea of buying a real estate property. A green home means an apartment where the builder incorporates all the green principles such as effective waste management, rainwater harvesting, water efficiency or focusing on energy conservation.

This increases a level of eco-consciousness in people, and hence, such houses have been in great demand in the recent times. This unique combination of high-end technology and green principles has provided a huge boost to the real estate sector and has taken this to an altogether new level. Green technology also eliminates the wastage of building material, water and energy.

The Rules of Buying a Green House that will Have a High Resale Value

You should not necessarily spend a lot to make your neighbourhood and home clean and green. Now developers and builder bring innovative techniques to transform their project into a green home that is affordable. However, if you already have built a home few years back, it would not be advisable to spend a lot of money in making it green.

Easy and simple ways to conserve the environment and at the same time to transform your existing apartments into green ones is to replace your home appliances that consume a lot of electricity or the fittings or taps which have water seepages. You can insulate your homes with lightings and natural ventilation and also replace them with energy star appliances and other water saving features.

You can also convert your apartment into a green one by hanging container gardens and balcony gardening. Using single coloured flower sticks or a bunch of flowers in your bedroom could ensure some extra oxygen to these plants.

What to Look for While Buying a Green Home

  • Make sure that the property has proper energy saving and water-saving devices.
  • Choose marbles as the flooring option as they are eco-friendly.
  • Granite has an added advantage of absorbing heat and hence, is recommended as cooking slabs.
  • The location of your property should be closer to office, school and entertainment centres.
  • If the distance or location between office and home is very easy to commute on a bicycle; use the option at least twice a week.
  • Allow natural sunlight to come into your house, as it prevents the growth of mites and bed bugs.
  • Promote composting in the area you leave and avoid your usage of plastics.
  • Go for a low-VOC paint while painting your place.

All these tips can help you figure out the right eco-friendly apartment for you and lead a green life. This in turn gives you a healthy lifestyle and also helps conserve the environment. As these homes are in a great demand now, it comes with a huge resale value. This trend will continue even after a few years from now when you might look forward to buy a new apartment. Hence, make a wise purchase while buying a home as it can be helpful years down the line.

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