Living in an apartment can be fun, with plenty of interesting neighbors. On the downside, sharing common walls means you can hear every move your neighbor makes as clearly as they can hear yours. Music and heavy bass often pumps through these common walls late into the night. You can even hear your neighbor’s footsteps overhead, often flat-out stomping.

Learn How To Soundproof An Apartment

Learning how to soundproof an apartment can help preserve your privacy and at the same time stop you from involuntarily being privy to your neighbor’s personal life. Here a few inexpensive ways to soundproof an apartment that will muffle, if not entirely eliminate sounds from entering or leaving your rooms. Most of these tips do not require any major changes to your room’s interior.

  • Add weather stripping to the sides of the door and window frames to prevent gaps around the frame.
  • Put up decorative foam sheets or patterns on the walls as foam is quite absorbing.
  • Use thick sound reduction curtains and draperies on your windows and doors to dampen any sound waves that might ordinarily pass through.
  • An easy and inexpensive way to soundproof you walls is to line noisy walls with bookshelves full of books.
  • Make sure your rooms are not sparsely filled as sound travels well in empty spaces.
  • Use a vinyl barrier on the walls to improve soundproofing.
  • You can create a drop or false ceiling to reduce sound from going or coming from upstairs. The dead air space between the false ceiling and the real one creates a sound-trapping chamber.
  • Use thick carpeting on floors to minimize sound from bouncing off the floors or transmitting into the rooms below.
  • You can further increase the density of the carpets by adding some high-density, mass-loaded vinyl.
  • Replace hollow doors with heavy solid ones to reduced sound transmission through doors.
  • Install automatic door bases that drop retractable neoprene sound seals to the floors whenever you close the door.
  • Fill in any cracks or gaps in walls, around faceplates of electrical outlets and switches and recessed light fixtures with non-hardening flexible caulk.
  • Mount speakers, washing machines, televisions, refrigerators, and other instruments that shake on neoprene vibration isolation pads to stop sound from flowing into your floor.
  • Put up some high-density fiberglass baffles on your ceiling and walls.
  • Put potted plants with broad-leaves in your balcony or indoors wherever possible as they are very effective noise blockers.

Follow these simple tips on how to soundproof an apartment in order to make your home a more personal and sound-free space. In most cases, you could dramatically change the acoustics of a room by simply rearranging the furniture. However, if you need to record audio in your apartment, you might want to consider hiring a professional to completely cut out noise and reduce echoes.

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