Can one improve that is already the best? We just did!

Complaint box – ApnaComplex’s most widely used feature – with its all powerful capabilities around complaint logging, tracking, auto-escalations, complaint analytics, highly configurable bunch of options – is surely the best in the business.

We have just released a bunch of enhancements to the complaint box to make it better than the best 🙂
Following capabilities are now part of the Complaint Box for all our customers:

1. Suspend SLA calculation / Ability to put Complaints “On Hold”: Quite a few customers have expressed a need to suspend SLA calculation for complaints on a need basis. This is especially to handle complaints where there are external dependencies like procurement of new material, or ordering of a new contract etc. To cater to these scenarios we now support a ‘On Hold’ Category as one of the statuses a complaint can go to. By default the “On Hold” option is not available for complaints. This can be made available by modifying the setting in Complex->Settings->Complaint box.

When a complaint is moved to ‘On Hold’ status – the SLA calculation will be stopped and it will resume once the complaint is moved off the “On Hold” status. All reports are enhanced to take the ‘On Hold’ Status into consideration.

2. Ability to de-commission Complaint Categories – This feature would come in handy if you have created many categories and do not want all these displayed when members are raising complaints. Go to Complaint Box->Setup Categories – you can see a new icon in the actions column called “Inactivate this complaint category”. Once inactivated a complaint can never be logged against a decommissioned complaint category.

3. Edit Category Name and Delete complaints: ApnaComplex now supports editing of a category name and also an ability to delete complaints by relevant admins!