We just released a significant enhancement to the Action Item tracking module – part of ApnaComplex’s Apartment Management Software.

The action item tracker in ApnaComplex is a central place where things to be done get tracked – be it the Preventive Maintenance Schedules of the Assets or AMC Contract Renewal Reminders or a tracking an actionable out of a Committee Meeting – the tracker offers a simple yet powerful tool to the managing committee.

The tracker was originally conceived as a tool for committee members only to track their activities. Thus it is available to only those who have been assigned ‘Action Item Admin’ role in the portal. Any one who needs to be assigned an Action Item (AI) must be given the role of Action Item Admin.

Enhanced Action Item Tracker - Apartment Management Software

With the new enhancement, we are removing the restriction of assigning AIs only to Action Item Admins. An action item now can be assigned to any one with in the community – including Staff.

You can easily assign an action item to member/staff – just by typing few letters of their names or flat number or staff roles. This auto-suggest feature for member/staff names helps in cases of large complexes where the members run into thousands. The assignee can see AIs that are assigned only to her/him – update them or reassign them. A member/staff will not have access to even view Action items that are not assigned to her/him.

With this enhancement, it is now easy to assign action items to any one with out giving them the access to entire action item list.

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