Smart Gadgets

Smart Gadgets

With the new year just around the corner, the number of smart gadgets being launched is absolutely maddening! The last week of December is always a time to relax and splurge some of your savings on things that you always wanted but were always avoiding to buy thinking it’s an extravagance and you had other priorities to deal with! Most of the tech-savvy people already must be having the gadgets we are going to mention below, but all the others out there, if you worked hard the entire year, it’s time to treat yourself with some of the “nice-to-have” gadgets mentioned below:


A smartphone is a must have for everyone and anyone these days. Smart phone is something that helps you becomes smart these days. You can check your “email on the go” and never be late in responding to mails; log into your social media accounts (Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter) and not miss out any fun posts; use the GPS navigation and never get lost anymore in finding your friend’s new house in an unknown area; take high resolution photographs, shoot HD videos, get world wide web on your finger tip; swipe your credit cards through mobile apps and much more. If you don’t have a smart phone till now, make sure you get it this new year or maybe before!


Tablets offer much better user-experience than older laptops. They make great e-readers and reading books on a tablet is so much better! Using modern apps and playing games on a tablet is much more fun than a 2-year old laptop. They are great for sharing one-on-one presentations and photos. You can use them while traveling and tablets just don’t crash. All they need is a restart. The best part is tablets are cheaper than laptops and so much more cooler to use but only if you don’t have to do a lot of typing on it.


Ever thought of a smart TV? Chromecast is one gadget that transforms your regular TV to a very smart television. This HDMI dongle enables you to stream YouTube videos directly from web to the TV. Chromecast can be connected with your smartphone or your laptop. You can now watch high resolution videos, stream songs and movies and any other other content you are accessing on your smartphone or PC. In short, whatever you can do on your smartphone can now be done on the TV instead. It’s an interesting gadget to have especially if you like doing everything “larger than life”.


Smartwatch is typically for people who are fond of buying and wearing watches. But essentially it is really for people who want their watches to really do more than just telling time. Gone are the days when people used to look at their watches for seeing time. Smartphones are more than enough to work as a watch. People need smartwatches to now tell them what’s up? They need notifications on their watches since they don’t want to spend too much time on their phones and laptops. A smartwatch allows people to stay connected without looking distracted and interrupting their ongoing daily lives. It also offers you the advantage of pairing it with smart phone apps.

The above mentioned gadgets may not be a necessity but are definitely nice to have since these gadgets not only make your life easier but also help you stay smartly connected to what’s happening in your home, office and the world. This new year you should definitely look at owning at least one of the above gadgets and get more tech-savvy.